Tuesday, November 29

Verizon Black Friday deals: best sales in 2021

Verizon Black Friday deals are available now, with big savings on new phones from the wireless service provider. And these deals allow you to save on all major smartphones, from Apple’s new iPhone to the latest Google Pixel flagships.

Verizon’s popular trade-in agreements remain in effect, allowing you to trade in an old phone, even a broken one, for a new device that is free or at a significantly lower price. You can also pick up some old, though still attractive, phones simply by opening a new line with Verizon and signing up for one of the company’s unlimited data plans.

More Black Friday deals are likely to arrive in the coming weeks; We’d expect to see offers from BOGO appear, but if you want a phone, it’s worth taking advantage of Verizon’s best deals now. You can get a great deal and eliminate supply chain issues that plague smartphone inventories so your new device is available before the holidays.

Verizon Black Friday deals: the best sales right now


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