Sunday, December 4

This Week In The New World: PTR Server Issues, No Minimap Bans, And Only One Jeff Bezos

All the hot news from the New World in one place.

You’ve come to the right place if you wanted a rundown of this week’s big New World news. A PTR server has been released to test possible new features, but just like the main game, people are getting kicked out for no reason. Also, there can only be one Jeff Bezos and Amazon will make sure of that.

Amazon is cracking down on the cunning names of Jeff Bezos in the New World

Do you think you have what it takes to become Jeff Bezos? Think again. New World not only prevents players from getting the name of the Amazon boss, but even anything that comes close to his name. So if your name is Beff Jezos or something similar, you will have to change it if you want to enter the New World.

According to the developers, “using real people’s names is politically offensive.” Nor can one “reflect, glorify or emulate any group or organization in the real world, terrorist society, criminal elements, discriminatory organizations or their leaders and figureheads.”

New World opens PTR servers to test new features

Here’s some good news for New World players who want to try out the upcoming features and content in the game. New World has launched its PTR servers and is seeking player feedback on various things. However, you will need to create a new character and have enough space to download the client separately.

You can try all the features, like a new PvP faction mode, a weapon called Void Gauntlet, which provides DPS and support, and a new enemy type called Varangian Raiders that levels between 16 and 20. However, since this is a test server, the developers have warned that “errors, glitches, missing text or other problems” will prevail.

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New World players are being banned from logging into the PTR servers Now here’s some bad news for New World players who want to try out the potentially forthcoming game features and content. It seems that the base game is not the only place where you can be banned for no apparent reason. Players who log in to test the PTR servers have been banned immediately for two days.

One of ours was also banned for cheating right after logging in. We can vouch for him, he’s not the cheat type. Fortunately, you can still play, as PTR servers require a separate character, but Amazon needs to fix this quickly if you want to receive relevant feedback.

New World won’t ban you from using minimap mods

Using mods of any kind is against the New World terms of service and can get you… you guessed it… banned. This was bad news for players using the minimap mod because it is a mod after all. It would help players navigate the city and orient themselves around the world. Fortunately, it seems that developers are more concerned with things like gold cheat glitches or other game-breaking feats.

The developers have come out and said that players will not be banned for using the minimap mod. “At this time, creating a minimap is not a priority for us, as we have other items that we think are more urgent,” said a developer at New World.

New World Players Call For Deceivers To Take Stronger Punishments

Speaking of priorities, the developers have been cracking down on players who have been cheating. This involves using exploits to double your gold and other similar things to give you an unfair advantage. However, the punishment for cheating is a simple 24-hour ban, and some feel that is not enough.

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Many gamers have claimed that this kind of rampant cheating is taking them away from the game, as it is no longer worth all that effort when someone earns double the rewards using an exploit. They have called for harsher punishments to stop these exploits.

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