Tuesday, November 29

This is what backwards compatible classics look like on Xbox Series X / S with the 60 fps enhancement

Xbox I decided to celebrate yesterday an event for its 20th anniversary full of news for fans of the brand and the sagas associated with it. Besides being able to take a first look at the series in real action of Halo, 343 Industries launched Halo Infinite multiplayer and Xbox announced that more than 70 classic Xbox and Xbox 360 games would receive improvements to its backward compatibility for Xbox Series X / S. As usual, ElAnalistaDeBits has carried out a new comparison that shows us the differences between the original backward compatible versions and the new updated versions with a FPS Boost that increases frames per second from 30 to 60.

Sonic Generations, one of the most lauded titles of the modern era of Sega’s blue hedgehog, surprises with the FPS Boost mode activated with a few Unbeatable 60 fps and that they feel like a glove on a platform that requires fluidity due to the high speed of the character. Gears of War 3 O Fable Anniversary They also greatly improve its fluidity, although there is a small detail – barely perceptible, do not be alarmed – that appears when we activate the FPS Boost mode, and that is causes bugs in some shadows of the stage that do not appear if we choose to play at 30 fps. It is a minor detail and can be easily fixed by patch.

Xbox not adding more titles to the classic catalog

Other classics much loved by the community like Fallout 3, the Assassin’s Creed original, Dead Space 2, F.E.A.R, Far Cry 3 O Dragon Age: Origins have also received their respective fps increase. The improvement is palpable in all titles, although it should be noted that the increase in frames per second is especially appreciated in first-person action titles; In this sense, many classics benefit from the FPS Boost. While it is very likely that from Xbox cannot add more titles to the game catalog For technical and legal reasons, the FPS Boost is a very welcome addition to rediscovering the classics that were already available.

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