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The most important game news of November 14, 2021

Happy Sunday to all. It’s been a pretty uneventful day in terms of great new announcements, but there are plenty of fun community stories, game updates, and weird company decisions to keep us all busy. With stories about Skyrim, GTA, Halo, and Super Mario 64, no one can guess what year it is, but let’s take a look at the biggest news of the day.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is no longer rumored to launch on November 15th after ’11 hour delay’

You’ll have to put on the foil hats for this one. In recent days, Xbox experts have claimed that 343 Industries will launch Halo Infinite multiplayer on November 15, nearly a month before the main game’s release on December 8. This rumor has been supported by the Xbox Store code and Pringle promotions. But some of the original insiders now claim that the launch has been indefinitely delayed to “11 o’clock.” What a roller coaster.

TikTok adds AI Disney Voices, but can’t say gay, lesbian, or queer

TikTok has added a selection of AI Disney voices, including Rocket Raccoon, C-3PO, and Stitch so that users can write sentences for them to express. Interestingly, none of them can say gay, lesbian, or queer, as all of those words are registered as swear words, which is unlike any other AI voice on the service. They may be taken as profanity as they can be used as insults, but in 2021, I would expect better planning from big business.

It seems that the GTA trilogy is much worse on Switch

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Before launch, many gamers would have bet that the GTA Trilogy Switch port would look and perform considerably worse than other consoles, but considering how the entire game was received… eesh yeah, it’s a lot worse on Switch. Gamers report poor draw distances, frame rate dropping below 30 fps steadily, and graphics “blurry.” It’s not exactly the portable GTA dream we’ve all been waiting for so many years, at least it’s disappointing on various consoles.

Fans are divided on whether Skyrim’s fishing is really good or not

Skyrim has seen its latest relaunch in the form of the Anniversary Edition and its biggest addition is fishing. Just like in real life, gamers aren’t sure if it’s really good or not. Some of the listed positives for fishing include how picturesque it is thanks to the very specific places you can do it and the fact that it makes you stop and smell the roses. On the other hand, some players call it boring, mechanically shallow, and restrictive.

Super Mario 64 Speedrunner breaks the world record of 16 stars by one second

Super Mario 64 speedrunner Suigi has managed to break the world record of 16 stars in 14 minutes and 55 seconds, which manages to snatch the record by exactly one second. 16 Stars is just one of the many speed racing categories for Super Mario 64, but it’s quite a sight to see the record broken for just one second.

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