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The Game Awards 2021: Ibai Llanos and TheGrefg are nominated for Best Content Creator | LevelUp

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The Game Awards 2021 wants to recognize the best of the video game industry. Of course, content creators are a cornerstone of the medium today, so they are also worthy of recognition. In this year’s edition, 2 Spanish streamers will be in charge of representing the Spanish-speaking community.

This Tuesday, the awards ceremony unveiled this year’s nominees in all categories. In this way, we already know who the GOTY candidates are, as well as the best title of various genres.

On the other hand, and as has been a tradition for a few years, The Game Awards 2021 will have the category Best Content Creator, which seeks to recognize internet personalities who had a great impact on the industry. This year’s candidates are: Dream, Fuslie, Gaules, Ibai Llanos and TheGrefg.

Image via The Game Awards 2021

2 Spanish streamers are nominated at the Game Awards 2021

The presence of Ibai Llanos and TheGrefg in the nominations should not surprise us, because without a doubt we are talking about 2 of the most popular internet personalities in Spain and the World.

Ibai Llanos has done nothing but achieve success in recent months. For example, he managed to get the rights to broadcast the Copa América on Twitch, which allowed him to break his audience record during the summer of this year. Similarly, he got an exclusive interview with Lionel Messi and a few months ago he allied with the footballer Piqué to have a team of League of Legends in the Super League.

On the other hand, TheGrefg doesn’t skimp on achievements either. At the beginning of 2021, he showed the world his skin of Fortnite, which allowed him to break an all-time viewing record on Twitch during the presentation event. He also recently had the honor to reveal that Jinx, a character from League of Legends, would come to the Battle Royale of Epic Games.

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But tell us, what do you think of this year’s nominations? Let us read you in the comments.

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