Saturday, November 26

Summoner’s Mess, the search for sacred grimoires • Console and Board

Elendow has created Summoner’s Mess, adventure now available on Windows and Linux, through Steam. We are facing a modest proposal, which proposes us to enter a great mansion in which to try to fix the mess we have created by invoking a beast from the depths.


This novelty works as an experience, in a way, against the clock. The mission is to find three sacred grimoires before darkness consumes us, aided by invisible fears. To locate the grimoires, keys to our salvation, we will enter a labyrinth of rooms.

Memory is an important part, as there will be times when we will have to retrace our steps and remember which places could not be accessed and which are undiscovered. The mysteries remain to be solved, something important when it comes to reaching the final goal.

It comes with more than 125 rooms, with the possibility of managing our own inventory, and the objects that compose it, and with up to three possible endings. It should be added that it has a ‘speedrun’ mode for those who already dominate the game or, of course, for those who want to jump directly into that challenge.

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