Friday, November 25

Steam Deck games may have specific texture packs to save space

Steam Deck continues to give much to talk about among video game lovers in general and, above all, among PC gamers for whom this new “piece” of hardware that we can see as a pocket PC or a portable console.

Yes, it is true that Steam Deck has been delayed until February of next year but that does not mean that Valve is stopping share new information about your device such as, for example, delving into the characteristics of your SoC that we talked about during the weekend.

In the same talk in which they discovered details of that chip created by AMD, Valve also shared other interesting characteristics such as that developers will be able to optimize the experience of your games on Steam Deck, being able, for example, create specific texture packages that are used with this console.

This means that developers, if they want to, can have a pack with textures at lower resolution thinking about the portable use of the device that has a screen of 1280 x 800 pixels. These lower resolution textures also will imply in many cases smaller size, so the versions of the Steam Deck games will be lighter, being able to download them in less time and, more importantly, occupy less on the laptop, something that those who opt for the 64 GB model will especially appreciate. .

Aerith is the name of your SoC

As we told you, over the weekend we were able to discover more about Steam Deck thanks to a Valve talk in which we were presented in great detail Aerith, the SoC made by AMD which serves as the heart of the device composed of a Zen 2 processor and an RDNA 2 graphics Compatible with FSR, rescaling technology which will be very useful to improve the performance of games on this device.

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