Sunday, November 27

Spanta, the capture of ghosts in the graveyard • Console and Board

Cacahuete Games presents its new project. Under the title of Spanta, we found a board game that combines dice and cards and that proposes us to capture ghosts in a dark cemetery.


For this new project, Cacahuete Games will resort to a funding search campaign in Verkami. Although it can already be followed, the start is not planned until 2022.

As the publisher points out, part of a union between dice and cards. It will be signed by Lorena Gestido and Javier Martínez, with the former in charge of the illustrations. The action will take place in the cemetery that gives the game its name.

It is the ideal place for ghosts to do all kinds of mischief. They can’t get away with it. On our role as vigilantes, we will have to capture as many as we can to return them to their place.

The story takes place not only on Halloween, but also on Christmas, on Geek Pride Day and on any given Monday. Against this background, now a custom, guarding the graves promises to be a complicated and exhausting task. The cover, already unveiled, is a reflection of the familiar character of this title.

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