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Salt and Sacrifice, sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, shows its gameplay on video

Ska Studios and Devoured Studios have shown a new video of gameplay from Salt and Sacrifice where we can see various aspects of the gameplay, including the creation of equipment and the online cooperative. Salt and Sacrifice is the sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, an action and side-scrolling game that was born in the heat of the Fromsoftware Souls, but adapting its combat to 2D.

This sequel introduces us to the adventures of “a scarred, newly forged Inquisitor” hunting down a deadly pyromancer. “A once peaceful kingdom is plunged into chaos by the invasion of the wizarding hordes: ruthless incarnations of elemental chaos. The Marked Inquisitors, the forces of the damned, have been mobilized once again. to face the existential threat of magic. A buried secret threatens to bring the ancient empire to ruin, “say its creators.

We will be able to make unique weapons and armor made with the flesh and bones of the wizards we destroy, in addition to mastering dozens of powerful weapons and runic arts: a “safe” way to manipulate the corrupted magic that your enemies use. It will also allow you to join a fellow inquisitor to enjoy a online co-op mode and quick online match, or take part in a chaotic PvP with various factions.

For sale on PlayStation and PC, with texts in Spanish

Salt and Sacrifice be on sale on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC – exclusively at the Epic Games Store – with a price of $ 19.99. Arrives in early 2022 with texts in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

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From the original, an indie surprise, We tell you that “he does not hide his source of inspiration at any time, rather the opposite: he feels proud of it (…) As a consequence we have a game that It is not particularly original, but it is a lot of fun, long and challenging. Little if you like the Metroidvania or the saga Souls, here you will find an adventure with which you will be sure and that will keep you trapped from the beginning to the end “.

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