Saturday, November 26

NVIDIA puts cap on 12-game fps rate on GeForce Now

NVIDIA It has been offering us in Spain and much of the rest of the world its cloud gaming service for more than a year llamado GeForce Now that allows us to play our favorite titles from almost any device as long as we have a good internet connection.

The service currently has over 1100 games of which the vast majority run at 60 fps or higher but, nevertheless, for various circumstances there are a total of 12 titles that NVIDIA has purposely “capped” a frame rate lower than the always desired 60fps.

The reason for this, as the brand of graphics cards has explained to one of its subscribers after asking them why Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy it was limited to 50 fps, it’s something called Optimal Playable Settings (OPS), a system of preset options for games with which NVIDIA ensures that get the best balance between performance, graphics and signal quality and el streaming.

In most cases, paid subscribers (Priority and GeForce Now RTX 3080) can “skip” this OPS and choose their own settings at the start of each game session, and can almost always play at 60 or higher. fps but, according to NVIDIA, “there are some exceptions that we have determined that do not perform well enough at 60fps“So they limit the frame rate of these titles either because they have some kind of problem with the cloud gaming technology or because of other related problems or errors that NVIDIA has not explained.

The 12 “limited” fps games on GeForce Now

NVIDIA itself has shared a list with the 12 games that are limited to less than 60 fps on GeForce Now, among which there is Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy which is precisely the game that a user complained about and for which NVIDIA has given this list. The titles that NVIDIA has confirmed to be limited are as follows:

  • Dauntless: 55 FPS
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising: 48 FPS
  • Cyberpunk 2077: 45 FPS
  • Assassins Creed Odyssey: 45 FPS
  • Jurassic World Evolution: 50 FPS
  • Dyson Sphere Program: 50 FPS
  • Valheim: 50 FPS
  • Path of Exile: 50 FPS
  • Outriders: 55 FPS
  • Kenshi: 50 FPS
  • Biomutant: 50 FPS
  • Dying Light: 50 FPS

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