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Nissan Ariya release date, price, range, interior and more

The Nissan Ariya is coming to the US, and it looks like its sights are set on competing with the Tesla Model Y. We’ve now seen the American production model of Nissan’s first electric SUV, and the i9t is certainly a sight to behold. to contemplate.

The Ariya first arrived in concept form in 2019, with the production version unveiled last summer. Now we’ve also seen the American model of this all-electric SUV, which is expected to launch towards the end of 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the Nissan Ariya.

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Nissan Ariya 2022: launch period and prices

The Nissan Ariya will start at around $ 40,000 when it arrives sometime in early 2022. For reference, it’s nearly $ 15,000 cheaper than the long-range Tesla Model Y, the cheapest SUV Tesla offers, which starts at $ 57,990. .

Currently, the Ariya will launch in Japan between December and February, after ongoing global chip shortages delayed original mid-summer launch plans. Similarly, the US launch was affected by this as well, with the launch window being delayed from late 2021 to early 2022.

Nissan Ariya 2022: Design and interior

The styling of the Ariya has remained relatively unchanged since the concept car unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2019, and that’s fine with us.

It’s somewhat futuristic-looking, with slim LED lights, an angular front end, a large grille, and a slightly sloping roofline that gives it an almost coupe-like feel. A single horizontal brake light gives the rear a similar sci-fi vibe, and we’re huge fans of the Akatsuki Copper color. Take a look at the gallery below for a closer look at the Ariya.

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On the inside, it’s clear that Nissan has made big changes from the current Leaf hatchback electric car. It has a larger 12-inch infotainment screen, a cluster of digital gauges, and a very modern-looking interior that you would expect from any premium electric car. But this time it’s in a Nissan.

Nissan has also not followed the trend of adding all controls to the touchscreen, which can be difficult to use while keeping your attention on the road. So there’s also a touch-sensitive pad on the dash for climate control, and while it’s not quite as tactile as the buttons, it’s better than the alternative.

Naturally, the wheel also has a number of key controls built in, so you should be able to tweak the settings without blindly shaking the flat panels and panels.

Nissan Ariya 2022: Performance

Performance will depend on which of the five models you drive.

The entry-level two-wheel drive version has a 63 kWh motor that delivers 215 bhp and can go from 0 to 62 mph in 7.5 seconds, while the all-wheel drive model, 87 kWh has 239 bhp and covers the same distance. in 7.6 seconds – the discrepancy caused by the heaviest battery pack.

Both models are also available with Nissan’s new e-4orce all-wheel drive system, which is good for 278 hp and 306 hp, respectively. Acceleration is faster here: it will reach 100 km / h in 5.9 or 5.7 seconds.

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Finally, there is the high-performance Ariya e-4orce 87kWh Performance model. This offers up to 389 hp and can accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, making it faster than a Porsche Macan.

Nissan Ariya 2022: autonomy and charging

(Image credit: Nissan)

The range of the Nissan Ariya is also determined by the model you drive. The entry-level two-wheel-drive Ariya is good for 223 miles, based on the European WLTP load standard, while the four-wheel-drive variant handles 310 miles. Unfortunately, the range tested by the EPA has yet to be revealed.

By contrast, the Tesla Model Y can go 315 miles in long-range form and 298 miles in the Performance model.

The four-wheel drive Ariyas e-4orce loses a bit of range: 211 miles for the smaller engine and 285 for the larger 85 kWh model. Finally, the Performance Ariya will cover 248 miles.

The 63 kWh cars will be recharged with a 7.4 kW AC charger, but there will be a faster 22 kW option. However, the 87 kWh models have that 22 kW charger as standard. DC fast charge speeds of up to 130 kW are available on all models and will use the CCS standard adopted by most other automakers, rather than the same CHAdeMO charger as the Nissan Leaf.

Unfortunately, Nissan has yet to reveal how fast charging will be for either model.

Nissan Ariya 2022: ProPilot and smart integration

In keeping with its appearance, the Ariya is loaded with technology. The electric SUV features Nissan’s ProPilot semi-autonomous driving system, complete with highway driving aids and guided parking. You also get automatic emergency braking (front and rear) plus a 360-degree camera system.

Inside, it’s Nissan’s Smart Integration Concept. The dash contains two 12.3-inch displays, one for driver information and one for infotainment, as well as a color head-up display.

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Dual displays are particularly cool. Because they are linked, content on one screen can be sent to the other with a simple swipe of your finger; for example, the passenger can find a location on the route and send it to the driver’s display for navigation. On the center dash, there are haptic controls that are only revealed when the car is running.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration are also on board, and you can use Amazon Alexa or Nissan’s own voice control system if you like. Updates for all this technology can be delivered wirelessly via a built-in 4G connection.

Nissan Ariya 2022: e-Pedal

One of the coolest features of recent Nissan Leaf models is the e-Pedal, and it will come to the Ariya at launch.

The e-Pedal is essentially regenerative braking on steroids and can allow for single pedal riding once you learn how to properly sync it. Just release the accelerator pedal and the car will stop automatically and will not start again until you press the accelerator again.

The e-Pedal isn’t as sudden as the brakes and can’t completely replace them (especially in an emergency), but it’s a very convenient feature that can be turned on and off while driving, something many electric cars lack.

Nissan Ariya 2022: perspectivas

Nissan is no stranger to the electric car market, and it appears to be taking many of the lessons it has learned from previous endeavors and adding them to the Ariya. ProPilot, e-Pedal and all the other things have been perfected over the last decade.

Fundamentally, we are looking for a car that offers performance to better compete with other electric car manufacturers. But with the market for electric SUVs increasingly crowded, there will be a lot of competition to contend with. Hopefully the Ariya can survive on more than just brand awareness and its existing reputation as a solid electric automaker.

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