Monday, November 28

Live voice and vote: with elected legislators Judge, De Loredo, Vigo and Gill | Politics | The voice of the interior

This Tuesday a new Voice and Vote program is broadcast on Córdoba television, the political program that La Voz carries out.

The transmission begins after the match played by the Argentine National Team with Brazil for Qualifying. The program is broadcast on Channel 10, with the conduction of Federico Giammaría and Florencia Ripoll, in addition to the participation of other journalists from our medium.

In this broadcast, the elected senator Luis Juez and the elected deputy Rodrigo De Loredo will be invited, both from Together for Change.

Also, the senator-elect Alejandra Vigo, from We do for Córdoba.

In addition, via zoom, the drivers will interview the elected deputy of the Frente de Todos, Martín Gill.

The program also includes the participation of other journalists and editors of La Voz in different segments: Virginia Guevara, Mariano Bergero, Julián Cañas and Chumbi. The producer is Juan Manuel González.

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