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How to use Instagram Insights to promote your photography

You take the perfect photo, then spend hours editing it, finding hashtags, and writing your Instagram caption before posting it to your Instagram account. Your amazing shot gets a bunch of likes, some generic comments, and then… crickets. What are you doing wrong and why is it so difficult to gain traction on Instagram?

You can find the answer by researching Instagram Insights. This handy tool collects important Instagram metrics to help you determine when to post, who your followers are, and which hashtags work best. Let’s take a look at using Instagram Insights to promote your photography.

How to use your Instagram Insights

Let’s start with the basics, like how to access and use Instagram Insights. Then we will see what all those graphs, times and numbers mean. Please note that you must have an Instagram creator or business account to gain access to your Insights.

How to see Insights in the Instagram application on iPhone

  1. Open Instagram on your iPhone and navigate to your profile.
  2. Tap the menu in the upper right corner and tap Insights.
  3. This will open your Instagram Insights for the last 7 days. From here, you can navigate by tapping Accounts Reached, Content Interactions, and Total Followers.

How to access Instagram Insights on the desktop

Accessing your Instagram Insights on desktop isn’t as simple as doing it on the mobile app, but you can view your Instagram Insights using Facebook’s Creator Studio. Analyzes of your account will be available if your Instagram account is affiliated with a corresponding Facebook page. Here’s how to access your Instagram stats in Creator Studio:

  1. Go to Creator Studio.
  2. Click on the Instagram icon at the top of your screen.
  3. Click Insights in the menu on the left sidebar.
  4. From there, navigate to Activity or Audience Insights by clicking on the menu item.
  5. If you want to verify the analysis of individual posts, click on Content Library and navigate to the photo or video you want to verify.
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What do Instagram metrics mean?

When you open the Instagram Insights tab, you will see all your metrics from the last 7 days. At the top of the page, you’ll see your Recent Highlights, which generally focus on your account’s successes. Highlights will tell you if you’ve reached more accounts than usual, gained new followers, or received a large number of likes and / or comments.

The highlight below is a more detailed overview of your Instagram Insights. Here’s a look at what these metrics represent.

Accounts reached: find out who is watching you

The Accounts Reached tab is a treasure trove of information. Here, you’ll find the days your posts and Stories reached the most people, how many impressions your posts and Stories received, and how many people visited your profile after viewing one of your posts.

With the Accounts Reached feature, you can also see how many people clicked on your website link and your email address. Finally, this tab shows you your top Instagram posts and stories for the week, along with the number of accounts that reached those posts and stories.

Content interactions: find out which posts and stories get the most attention

While Accounts Reached examines who viewed your Instagram photos and Stories, Content Interactions goes one step further, revealing which of your posts and Stories are attracting the most likes, comments, saves, and shares. The more interactions your posts and stories get, the more likely they are to be shared with a wider audience.

Total Followers: Follow the growth of your Instagram account

The Total Followers tab breaks down the numbers so you can see how many new followers you’ve gained, how many followers you’ve lost, and even the demographics of those followers, like where they come from, how old they are, and when they’re most active on Instagram.

Instagram post statistics

In addition to the Instagram Insights tab in your profile menu, you can also view Post Insights for individual posts by clicking on any of your posts and tapping View Insights below your photo. This will tell you how many likes, comments, shares, and saves your post has received. And if you swipe up, it will give you the number of views to the profile, the total reach, the number of interactions, and how many new followers your post generated.

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How Instagram Insights Helps You Grow Your Photography Account

Now that you know what your Instagram Insights mean, it’s time to use them to your advantage. Here are some ways you can use those metrics to promote your photography and grow your account.

Create the right posts for your audience

The Total Followers tab provides important information about your audience. Where they live? How old are they? Use these demographics to ensure you’re posting photos your audience will love. On the other hand, if you are trying to appeal to a certain type of demographic with your photography, you can use the analytics in this section to determine if you are hitting the mark. If you are a Florida landscape photographer and most of your followers live in New York, you may want to work to attract more local followers to grow your account.

Discover the best time to post on Instagram

The Total Followers tab will also tell you when your audience is most active on Instagram. These days and times will provide you with a framework for when to post your photos. If on weekdays at 3 p.m. M. It’s when most of your followers check Instagram, be prepared in those moments to engage them with a new post.

Increase engagement in your posts

The more engagement a post has, the more likely it is to reach a wider audience on Instagram. Participation includes any action taken on a post, including likes, comments, saves, and shares. Not all types of participation are the same, but they are all important.

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On the Content Interactions tab, scroll down to see your top posts based on interactions. Do you see a trend? Perhaps you asked a question within your caption or asked your audience to comment on their favorite place to take photos in Los Angeles. The posts with the most engagement are the ones you’ll want to emulate in your future posts.

Better connect with your audience through Stories

Photography may be your focus, but don’t neglect Instagram Stories as a way to connect with your audience. If you’ve already made Stories part of your growth strategy, head over to the Accounts Reached tab and scroll down to Top Stories by scope. What kinds of stories are resonating with your audience? Are they personal stories? Behind-the-scenes views of your photography? Videos? Post more stories based on what works best.

Understand where your views come from

Check your Insights Posts weekly, at least, to find out which of your photos are performing the best and where your followers are coming from. Post Insights will tell you how many people have liked your post, commented on it, shared it, and saved it.

Scroll down to see where your views are coming from. If the highest number is from Home, that will tell you that most of the impressions you receive are from accounts that already follow you. Hashtags and Explore impressions are more likely to represent a new audience that you can tempt with more content.

While Instagram analytics won’t give you information on specific hashtags, it will help you determine which of your posts used hashtags successfully so that you can create new posts with a similar hashtag strategy.

Your Instagram account won’t grow overnight, but the Instagram Insights feature makes it a bit easier to develop a strategy based on what is already working for you.

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