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How to use a VPN with an Amazon Fire tablet

Before you start browsing through various VPN providers to find your answer, it is important to understand how Fire OS works. The Amazon Fire tablet uses an operating system derived from Android. Therefore, it shares many of the limitations that Android devices have regarding VPN apps.

The Amazon Fire tablet supports PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec protocols, but not something like OpenVPN. There is also a very small collection of valid third-party VPN apps listed on the Amazon Appstore.



ExpressVPN is the leader in the industry, and for good reason. It will allow you to watch Netflix from anywhere, change your location to one of 130+ VPN locations around the world, and it will also run smoothly due to limited resource usage on your device.

Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

ExpressVPN is very fast, so you’ll appreciate it if you want to download movies on the go or when you just want to keep your movie and music taste private.

This service comes with two subscription plans, a monthly plan and a 12-month plan.


NordVPN is a solid option if you are looking for something a little cheaper that still offers Netflix compatibility and a zero logging policy. The app is easy to use and also uses Socks5 proxy locations if you need extra privacy when using apps like Flud or Skype.

Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

It’s not as fast as IPVanish, but it gets the job done anyway. The only real drawback is in terms of planning. If you want to get it cheap you have to get on board for two years. That membership plan has the best discount.

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Setting up a third-party VPN on an Amazon Fire tablet

Now, installing a non-Amazon VPN is a bit of a hassle, but it can be done without a college degree in computer science.

You will need the following:

Limited offer: 3 months FREE!

  • An active VPN subscription from a provider like ExpressVPN
  • A download link or the APK file

This is how you download a non-Amazon VPN app.

  1. Go to Settings> Security> Apps from Unknown Sources and change it to Upon.
  2. Download the APK file from the VPN provider’s website.
  3. Install ES File Explorer from Amazon Appstore.
  4. Find the VPN APK file using ES File Explorer and click Install on pc.

There is an even faster method to do this. Instead of installing the VPN directly, you can install the Google Play Store app and then use it to install any other apps that are not related to the Amazon store, including VPNs.

To install the Google Play Store application, you must enable the Applications from Unknown Sources option. Then download the four different APK files required to make the store work.

  • Google account manager
  • Google Services framework
  • Google Play services
  • Google Play Store

Always get the latest version and you can easily find each one on the APKMirror website. Use ES File Explorer to install them and make sure to do so in the same order as they appear in the list above.

Once you are done with this, all that is left to do is shut down and restart the tablet. The next time you log in, the Google Play Store app is ready to go. If you don’t mind spending more time, this last method is surely the best to use if you plan to install more than one non-Amazon Appstore application.

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Setting up a VPN on an Amazon Fire tablet with Amazon VPN

One way to use a VPN is to use the built-in VPN that comes with your Amazon Fire tablet. To set it up, you need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Swipe down on the notification bar to reveal the Settings icon in the right corner.
  2. Please select Wireless and VPN in the Settings menu.
  3. Now select VPN.
  4. Locate the + sign in in the upper right corner and click on it to add a new post
  5. Name your VPN connection and edit all the fields according to your information
  6. Save and go back to step 4 where your new VPN should be displayed
  7. Click on it and enter your credentials. Press connect.
  8. If all the required fields were completed correctly, your notification bar should now include the traditional key symbol indicating that your data is going through the VPN.

To check if it really works, you can type “what is my IP” in Google. If you see an IP address that doesn’t match the real one, then everything is fine.

Of course, if you are looking for something that has a better track record, you should use a third-party VPN app. There are many better options outside of the Amazon Appstore, they just require a bit more setup.

VPN and Fire tablets

There are many VPNs available to choose from when using one on your Amazon Fire tablet, we’ve made a few suggestions to get you started. However, keep in mind that you may need to download the VPN app, which is a bit more complicated.

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Were you successful setting up a VPN on your tablet? Let us know in the comments below.

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