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How to download Vimeo videos

Finding out how to download Vimeo videos is a great way to preserve high-quality content. Vimeo is an excellent source for highly produced artistic videos with a much more cinematic nature than found on YouTube.

But if you want to keep one of those clips, say, on a secure external drive where they can’t be deleted, you probably want to know how to download videos from Vimeo.

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And while some videos have their own download buttons (a setting that enables the content creator), not all of them offer it. Fortunately for you, it is very easy to download things from Vimeo that the creators do not want you to take.

How to download Vimeo videos

(Image credit: Vimeo)

1. On the web, copy the page address of the video.

You can also right-click and copy a video link in Vimeo search results.

(Image credit: Vimeo)

2. Or get the address from the share sheet

Your Vimeo share sheet may look different.

(Image credit:

All sites that do this kind of thing are a bit sketchy, so be sure to be careful not to accept notifications.

(Image credit:

4. Paste the URL into the video address field.

(Image credit:

5. Click Submit.

And close any popup window for anything like “Download Ready FREE Multy App Search”.

(Image credit:

Or press and hold on your phone.

(Image credit:

7. Confirm download

Feel free to rename the movie file.

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7. Your video should start downloading

(Image credit:

8. Find your finished download

You have mastered how to download Vimeo videos. But seriously, support the artists.

A note on protected videos

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Vimeo uses digital rights management tools so that video extraction applications, like the one we will use, cannot extract paid content.

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Instead, such attempts will give you the advance of the paid video, not the paid video itself. I tested this at an event on wXwNOW, a subscription service for a German wrestling promotion hosted by Vimeo.

Regarding the Vimeo Terms of Service

A little note about the process: since Vimeo doesn’t want you to download the clips, you’ll have to think twice before doing this too often. I didn’t see any rules on how to save videos without Vimeo’s consent on your guidelines sectionBut that kind of action can be so obviously against their wishes that they can take action without warning.

Admittedly, this would probably require hundreds or thousands of cases of video theft, as this sort of thing is quite common.

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