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Heroquest, the revised version in Spanish arrives

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Asmodee Iberica and SD Distribuciones have announced the publication of Heroquest in Spanish. Hasbro’s revised edition will hit the Spanish market in February 2022.

For many years the world has been at peace. The darkness that once threatened to engulf him was forgotten, but it was not destroyed, simply banished. Now, it gathers strength again, and an ancient evil is stirring in the depths of the Earth. Heroes are needed, for without them we are doomed.

In this exciting fantasy adventure game, you and your teammates must work together to fight the evil sorcerer Zargon and complete your missions. Embodying the barbarian, the dwarf, the elf or the wizard, you will move cautiously through a labyrinth of mysterious and dark dungeons. Gruesome monsters stalk the subterranean passages, far below the surface of the known world. The deadly forces of Zargon threaten you, but the wise Mentor has taught you well. Find the treasure and be safe … Or you will perish!

Two years ago Habro advertised through one of its brands, Avalon Hill, the launch of a revised edition of the mythical board game Heroquest designed by Stephen Baker. After a more than successful financing campaign on the company’s own page, the new edition would reach the market, although only in the United States and Great Britain.

Heroquest, an edition that only changes aesthetics

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Although the upcoming HeroQuest reissue largely recreates the original, it does feature a few changes. One of them is the inclusion of a female elf character, as well as orcs and goblins of both genders.

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Other changes move the plot and visuals of the new game away from the Warhammer universe; While the original HeroQuest was co-released by the board game company Milton Bradley and the maker of Warhammer Games Workshop, something that the sequel Advanced HeroQuest further consolidated, this new edition has been made solely by Hasbro’s label, Avalon Hill. Aside from these alterations, the game faithfully recreates the look and feel of the 1980s original, including its iconic 3D terrain and dozens of miniatures.

Components of the revised edition of Heroquest

What about Heroquest 25th?

We cannot stop remembering the shameful grotesque perpetrated back in 2014, and which has been one of the biggest scams in the sector. The following ad appeared on the Gamezone page before the Asmodee distribution news

Ludofilia, in an agreement with Hasbro, has renounced all valid Heroquest trademarks throughout Europe. Ludofilia used those brands to cover its version of the board game that it offered in crowdfunding and presale. From now on, the board game will be renamed TseuQuesT. The exact content or the game itself will not change.

Only the name has changed, all the content of the board game remains unchanged, except for the use of the new brand TseuQuesT to encompass all its components.

Both the Backers and the pre-sale customers have had to endure with extreme patience the continuous delays of the official launch of our board game. Finally, the expected delivery date by the European-based printer is for the end of the first quarter of 2022. If all goes well, from that date we will start shipping your games.

Optionally, Backers and pre-sale customers will have the possibility to exchange their reserved copies of the Ludofilia game for copies of the Hasbro version of Heroquest: ONLY 1 FOR BACKUP (more information in EXCHANGE HQ)

This exclusive exchange offer for crowdfunding backers and pre-sales made by customers until the day before this announcement -November 15, 2021-.

From this moment on, any new customer who wants to pre-purchase the TseuQuesT board game can do so here.

The current price of the TseuQuesT is the same that was offered during the crowdfunding campaign, and will remain until the day of its official launch, at which time its price will be adjusted upwards.

We greatly appreciate Hasbro for their professionalism and friendliness from our first contact in early 2013 until now.

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