Sunday, December 4

Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer surpasses 270,000 simultaneous players on Steam

The review of the 20 years of Xbox, revealed the new wave of backward compatible games -the latest for legal and technical reasons- but the big surprise, anticipated by some leaks, was the premiere of the multiplayer free to play from Halo Infinite. Since its launch last night has peaked at 272,586 concurrent players on Steam, as revealed by SteamDB, which makes this launch the most successful of Microsoft in the Valve store, although the comparison with Forza Horizon 5 or other titles is not entirely fair since it is a free multiplayer.

This number of players managed to place Halo Infinite What the fourth most played game on Monday, just behind almost permanent Steam games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and PUBG Battlegrounds, but enough to surpass Apex Legends, Team Fortress 2, Grand Theft Auto V and Forza Horizon 5.

Although technically the multiplayer is a beta, users have access to all content, maps and season 1; the progress of these weeks will be maintained with the official launch of the game and its campaign, on December 8th. “We have made the decision to extend Season 1 to give ourselves more time, to ensure that Season 2 meets our high quality standard and so that we can finish the development of Season 2 in a healthy and sustainable way for our team.” , confirmed 343 Industries.

Players who log into Halo Infinite Starting this week, you can unlock a free collection of cosmetics related to the Xbox’s 20th anniversary theme. “After this free rewards period, the start of our Season 1 opening event, ‘Fracture: Tenrai’, will begin on November 23rd. This will be the first of many opportunities to earn armor pieces with samurai themes from Season 1 and other customization items. “

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There are no figures for the total players yet

Of course, the number of simultaneous Steam players is only a fraction of the total number of Steam players. Halo Infinitewell to these we must add those who are playing it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S or on PC from Microsoft Store. It is expected that in the next few hours or days Microsoft of a more realistic figure of the total number of players who are already playing multiplayer.

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