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Fortnite closes its servers in China and is no longer available | LevelUp

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Bad news comes to us from the other side of the world, since since last November 15 Fortnite closed its servers permanently in China and is no longer available to anyone in that country.

The Epic Games title is one of the most successful in recent times and has generated a large fan base that keeps playing it for hours and hours. However, its huge community located in China will no longer be able to enjoy it.

Fortnite says goodbye to China

It is no surprise that the Asian country has a large number of gamers, so the farewell to the free to play of Epic Games is a hard blow for all lovers of the genre in the place.

The reason for the dismissal of the game remains unclear and neither party has made a statement that talks more about the situation, although it was reported at the end of October (on the official website of Fortnite in China) that beta testing of the game was coming to an end.

It should be mentioned that it was in 2018 when the title arrived in China in its test mode and it never received a definitive authorization from the government for its launch, a situation that 3 years later ended with the closure of its servers.

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As you surely know, in recent months Chinese players have had to deal with strict control and surveillance in video games, and laws have even been passed so that all those under 18 years of age play only a few hours a week.

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There is no doubt that this is sad news for all Chinese fans of the saga, and we hope that in the future it can change their situation so that they can enjoy their favorite hobby without so many restrictions.

What do you think of the situation in China? Tell us in the comments.

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