Friday, November 25

Florentino, to the delegates: “Now you make an offer of 200 million and they won’t accept it …”

Florentino Prez He has started the talks prior to the Assembly with the Real Madrid compromise partners. Some meetings in which the star theme has been the Santiago Bernabu and its reform, for which the extension of the authorization to the Board of Directors of the club will be requested to borrow, in order to finance the works not initially included in the remodeling of the stadium. It is estimated that the work will cause an increase in credit in 225 million, destined to actions such as retractable grass, one of the jewels in the project’s crown.

It is precisely the explanation of the retractable lawn system what is taking the longest in these meetings with partners. Florentino Prez He explained that this system, together with the roof, will allow the stadium to be open with events that go beyond football for 250 days a year. The president assures that we are before “a totally innovative system that does not exist anywhere else in the world”, designed exclusively for the Santiago Bernabu.

This is how the spectacular retractable lawn system of the new Santiago Bernabu works

They also spoke of the rhythm of the works and of the commercial exploitation of the stadium, which will multiply the income in a remarkable way, with the New Bernabu being a claim for tourists and residents of Madrid. “The offer is going to be so immense and attractive that people enter”, they say in Madrid.

At the question of Ramn lvarez from Mon, Radio MARCA commentator, Florentino also spoke of other of his great concerns: the state clubs. Madrid is very concerned about the current football situation, with clubs like City, PSG or now Newscastle, competing with the financial injection of Arab countries. “We have to fulfill the contracts and we try to bring in good players and the best. But you have to be willing to pay them. Now you give 200 million and they don’t sell them to you. When they finish the contract it is better, but right now there is a madness of clubs that They are from states and they do not sell you to the players. I fight because management is what comes first, not the money they give you from outside. The time will come when the first 30 clubs in Europe are owned by countries. It is not the beginning of the European Community. I have come here to fight and I have been fighting since I arrived “.

Now there is a madness of the clubs that are from states and that do not sell you players

Florentino Prez

Florentine He also spoke about the Super League, making it clear that in 55, Santiago Bernabu already did something similar to what he wants to do with the European Cup. “In the year 55 the European Cup was created and it was the same situation as now. Football must be done with the merits and resources that you have. And you have to have the principles of the EU, of solidarity, of the competition and fair play. We have to put it in order and I am going to fight for it. “

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