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Fans show poor improvement of GTA: Vice City with unofficial PS Vita port | LevelUp

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition debuted days ago on all current consoles and PC. Beyond leaving all the fans happy, the title was received very negatively for several reasons and one of them is the remastering work that was done on the trilogy. A comparison even shows that a remastered installment for the Nintendo Switch looks almost the same as the unofficial PlayStation Vita port.

The remastered trilogy went on sale last week and fans were quick to make comparisons between the original and improved versions. A very interesting one is the one that was made between the unofficial port of the original title GTA: Vice City for the portable console PlayStation Vita and the remastered edition of Nintendo Switch, as the results give much to talk about.

In the video shared by the user 2 old 4 gaming, you can see sections of the game on both consoles face to face and the interesting thing is that the differences are not at all noticeable, something that surprises, since it is a port made by fans with an official enhanced edition.

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Fans are unhappy with en’s remastering work GTA The Trilogy

There is something missing in the remasters and it is something that users agree on. First, the fans point out that the remastering work leaves much to be desired, since these are games that debuted many years ago and, taking into account that Rockstar is a renowned company, the improvements were expected to be more marked.

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Instead, there are sections that, as incredible as it may seem, look better in the port for PlayStation Vita than in the remastered version of Nintendo Switch. Clearly, the original title has performance shortcomings on the PlayStation console, aside from the fact that the face models get to look better on the Nintendo Switch.

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However, the artwork doesn’t shine as brightly, the improved textures fail to captivate, and the game overall looks better on the PlayStation Vita version, especially in dark environments.

It is important to remember that the PlayStation Vita port is not official, it is an emulation. This case does not seek to enter into ethical terms of the emulation or the unofficial ports and all that this entails, but rather shows how the fan work compares with the official work that was done with the remastering. In fact, we recently informed you that one of the negative elements was the rain of GTA: San Andreas and fans and modders fixed it on their own. Rockstar, for its part, already mentioned that it works on improving the overall performance of the game.

We do not tell you more and better we leave you with the comparisons so that you can judge for yourself.

What do you think? Which version do you like the most? Tell us in the comments.

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