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Everything in Among Us November 2021 Update

November brings a major update to Among Us that includes new roles and cosmetics, available through the Cosmicube system similar to the Battle Pass.

Developed by Innersloth, Among us is a game where players hurriedly complete tasks while trying to sniff out the impostor among themselves. On November 9, a major update arrived that brought the game to version 2021.11.9, adding a number of features that affect the game on multiple levels by providing Among us players new roles, cosmetics and more.

Among us gained massive popularity in 2020, partly thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The game became a means of having fun with friends without leaving the house and, as is the case with most multiplayer games, a constant stream of updates is necessary to ensure that the player base does not die down. With console versions of Among us Set to release in December 2021, the November update is sure to keep fans happy until then.

What’s Included in the November 2021 Among Us Update

Players in Among us They fall into two main categories: crewmates and imposters. The crewmates are in charge of the ship and must do their best to identify and drive out the nefarious impostors. The latest update added four new roles that change the dynamic between crewmates and imposters.

Crewmates get the Engineer role that allows players to use vents, the Guardian Angel role that allows players to cast a protective shield around the remaining crewmates, and the Scientist role that grants them to players access vital signs at any time. Imposters get a new role, the Shapeshifter, which allows players to disguise themselves by transforming into other crewmates. The addition of these roles drastically changes the gameplay, as crewmates now have to be more wary of disguised imposters, while imposters have to deal with engineering teammates sharing vents and guardian angels. throwing shields.

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There are a number of minor quality of life changes that players should also appreciate. The ability to link accounts across multiple platforms has been introduced and achievements have been added to platforms that support them. This allows players to save progress and cosmetics using the same account on different platforms.

Additionally, minor changes were also made to the controller, such as tampering and fan actions are no longer attached to the main action button. Vent action is now mapped to the V button on keyboards and the right shoulder button on controllers by default, while imposters can access tampers by opening their map using the tab key on keyboards or the left trigger in the controllers. Lastly, actions for special roles, such as Engineer Ventilation Capability, can be accessed by pressing the F key on keyboards or the right trigger on controllers.

Among Us presents a new Cosmicubes system

In addition to adding free and paid cosmetics, the update has brought with it a new Cosmicube system. To obtain Cosmicubes, players can purchase them using Beans or Stars. The beans are collected through normal online play, while the stars must be paid for with real world currency. Once a Cosmicube is purchased, the rewards within that cube are unlocked using Pods, which are earned throughout the game if a player has a Cosmicube activated.

Fortunately, the Cosmicube system does not negatively affect players who have previously purchased DLC on Steam or mobile devices, as they can transfer items. Innersloth says that the rewards are purely visual and do not affect gameplay. For players who don’t want to spend money on Cosmicubes, they can either bypass the system entirely or earn Beans through regular play. For players who are willing to spend money, the Cosmicube system is a way to support developers.

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Fans of Among us you can look forward to more future updates. Innersloth says he has plans to add a new map, roles, and other gameplay features. The studio is also working to make Pods and Beans obtained on the Nintendo Switch shareable on most systems. Also, as mentioned above, he plans to launch Among us console ports in the near future.

Among us is available on Android, iOS, PC, and Switch. It will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S on December 14, 2021.

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