Saturday, November 26

DeRozan and the Bulls pulverize some poor Lakers




Un DeMar DeRozan magnificent, with 38 points (15 of 23 shooting) and 6 assists, he led the Chicago Bulls to a resounding and unappealable victory over Los angeles lakers (103-121), that without LeBron James they continue to give very disturbing signs of a drifting team.

The Bulls (10-4) had 30-point leads in a game in which DeRozan was accompanied by Lonzo Ball (27 points with 7 triples, 7 rebounds and 8 assists) and Zach LaVine (26 points with 6 triples, 5 rebounds and 5 assists).

The disaster of the Lakers (8-7) was complete since Anthony Davis (20 points and 6 rebounds) was sent off in the third quarter for double technique.

Talen Horton-Tucker (28 points and 6 rebounds) and Russell Westbrook (25 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists) were the Lakers’ top scorers with a pitiful 6 of 32 on triples.

Against them, the Bulls made 55% of their shots and 44% of their 3s.

Alex Caruso, winner of the “bubble” ring with the Lakers, returned to Los Angeles for the first time since his move to Chicago and received a standing ovation at the Staples Center.

The Bulls they leave the Californian city with their morale through the roof after knocking down the Lakers and Clippers (90-100) in two days in a row.

Especially brilliant has been shown DeRozan, originally from Los Angeles – they are as a possible signing for the Lakers this summer- and that between the two games he accumulated 73 points with 27 of 39 shots.

The Lakers had a relatively easy schedule in the first 15 games of the season that, however, have closed with a poor 8-7.

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Now they begin a nine-day tour of the Eastern Conference that will take them to very difficult courts such as the Milwaukee Bucks, the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks.


The Lakers suffered from the beginning to DeMar DeRozan y Zach LaVine, which exhibited the defensive limitations of the locals both in the perimeter and in the area (11-18 with 6.08 missing).

The Bulls surpassed ten points of advantage before the numerous holes of the Lakers, but the 8 points of a willful Russell Westbrook they limited the damage to the locals (25-33).

The base continued in the second quarter giving life to the purple and gold, who tried to match the intensity of the Chicago team (35-39 with 7.44 to go).

But two 3-pointers in a row by a eager Lavine again enlarged the Bulls’ lead (37-50 with 4.34 to play).

Along with Lavine (17 points and 5 triples), the protagonist of the first half was DeRozan, a lethal assassin who quietly planted 22 points in the first two quarters.

The Bulls’ tip was to frame: they went to the locker room with 56% on 3s.


Things only got worse for the Lakers.

DeRozan and Lavine, accompanied by an increasingly active and loose Lonzo Ball, delved into the battered Los Angeles defense and ran to the counterattack with astonishing ease (55-70 with 7.49 left).

The Lakers could not find a brake on the Bulls attack.

Lavine showed off with a great dunk and, right after, DeRozan chained two house-brand middle distance baskets.

Anthony Davis, very absent in the first half, tried to give the Lakers oxygen (64-79 with 5.01 left).

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But it was a matter of time before the Bulls achieved the 20 points difference, a distance that they reached with a two plus one from DeRozan entering the Lakers zone with absolute tranquility (66-86 with 2.20 left).

Shortly after Davis was expelled for double technique to put salt in the wound of the Lakers (73-94).

Using pride, the Angelenos orchestrated a feint of comeback crowned with a gigantic dunk from Talen Horton-Tucker (83-98 with 9.45 to go).

But the mirage did not last at all: a masterful Ball in the fourth quarter scored 8 points almost in a row -including two triples- to lead a 2-10 partial that closed a splendid victory for the Bulls and a sad defeat over a very disappointing Lakers. .

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