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Blue Night, a Spanish game that leads us to be superheroes in a steampunk city

Blue Night is the new project of Doky Samejima, who already last year presented us that Resident Evil to the Spanish with The Mansion of the Crows. On this occasion, bet on the role-playing and action genre to take players to a steampunk city where we will be the superheroes of history. The project just started a campaign of Kickstarter, where he is looking for 7000 euros to finance himself. In addition, a demo is available that you can download in the following link. It is scheduled to debut on Steam in March 2022.

Chaos reigns in the world of Blue Night

“In the year 30,000 from a planet other than the one we know, a global drought has left the whole world without water and condemned to a slow and agonizing end to billions of people. Very few cities have managed to survive despite this loss and one of them is Heimdal “, we can read in the official synopsis of Blue Night. This city, which is characterized by betting on the steampunk style, is the backdrop to our adventure.

President Norman Luther will be one of the characters that we will find in this story. Although he has been able to develop machines that create rain clouds, something that has saved millions of people … with the problem that these generators cannot be turned off. “So, in order not to go back to a hopeless dry season, people are forced to face a difficult life where it rains day and night, the probability of getting sick is high, food is scarce, and the economy does not advance. “

Blue Night takes place in a world ravaged by a drought

With a rebellion on the verge of happening, it appears who will be the protagonist: Chika, a soldier with superhuman abilities that he will have to face the enemies of President Luther. We will have super speed, jumps, high resistance and the sword and the revolver as allies; with them we must prevent the soldiers from destroying the rain generators and Luther.

Chika is able to cross the entire city in just a few moments, and with her we will cross “twenty missions full of action and danger”. Get Luthor to lead the world into a new era? We will have to wait to find out. Tennis all the details of the game on its official website Kickstarter; We remind you that it is now available to download your demo.

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