Friday, December 2

Battlefield 2042: Complaints after discovering flaws in the ‘hitboxes’ of some specialists

Although Battlefield 2042 It will not be officially released until this Friday, November 19, many users are already being able to access it thanks to various methods such as reserving the game or being an EA Play subscriber. Those who have already been able to test the new game from Electronic Arts and DICE have noticed some serious flaws that the companies claim to know. Even so, as the launch approaches, new inconsistencies are discovered, such as the one highlighted by a Reddit user: the hitboxes of some specialists are misplaced, causing a dissonance between the trajectory of the bullet and the impact on the character.

If you have already been able to try Battlefield 2042 You may have noticed that certain specialists are especially difficult to hit. This user too, so I decided to do a test using the Falck and Sundance models. As you can see the video available below, in the first case the bullet hits the avatar even if we shoot outside its collision zone, while in the second case if we shoot inside the body the character does not flinch.

To be corrected for the launch?

At the moment neither Electronic Arts nor DICE have come forward as a result of the discovery of this error. Nor does it appear in the official list of known bugs by the development team. It remains to be seen if the companies manage to update it for the launch this Friday or if we will have to wait a little longer for the collisions of Battlefield 2042 improve and do not end up affecting the competitive experience online.

It is not the only thing in which the new game in the saga should improve Battlefield, since as we told you in our analysis “we have no doubt that Battlefield 2042 comes out sooner than it should, that is a game with a lot of potential that still needs a few months of development to reach its maximum level. “

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