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An Indie Game Announced Where You’ll Be A Little Black Kitten | LevelUp

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A few days ago it was announced that in 2022 a new indie game will be launched that will surely delight cat lovers, we mean Little Kitty, Big City which will arrive sometime next year on PC and consoles.

Who Says Cats Can’t Have Fun?

It is not the first time that a game has been developed where you control a cat, since there are other options such as Stray, a sci-fi adventure that was recently released. And now, it will be the turn of Little Kitty, Big City, game that will arrive in a few months.

Little Kitty, Big City is being developed by Double Dagger Studio, and it will give you the opportunity to take control of a lost kitten in a big city. You can watch the trailer here:

As you can see, the game will turn you into a black cat who must find his way home, but not without first looking for a little fun, finding new friends, exploring the city, catching birds and doing some missions.

This indie title has a confirmed release for PC and its managers also reported that there will be a version for consoles, although without clarifying which of them it will eventually arrive.

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It only remains to wait a bit to know more details about Little Kitty, Big City, all this so that you can release the cat spirit that you carry inside.

What do you think of this indie proposal? Tell us in the comments.

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