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A Short Hike launches today on PlayStation 4

A Short Hike launches today on PlayStation 4. It is an exploration game about climbing a mountain, inspired by the experiences of its creator, which has been available on PC since 2019 while it arrived on Nintendo Switch in 2020. We show you its new trailer.

“On A Short Hike, you will explore the park and you will have to struggle to reach the top of the mountain. There are many areas to find and explore, but this was not always the case! At first I was only modeling areas that would be fun to climb and glide through. Because the world and player movement were designed in tandem, I focused on creating hills and valleys to test changes to the character’s controls, “says Adam Robinson-Yu, developer at Whippoorwill Limited.

During that process, I was getting an idea of ​​which terrains were most interesting and how I could give a unique touch to the zones just with their shape. I also came up with landmarks that I could distribute around the world for the players to see. discover. I took as a reference places I would like to go and places I had already been. For example, the fire control tower in the game is inspired by the one I visited in person when I climbed Mount Pilchuck! “

The top was the hardest part to create

According to Robinson-Yu, the area that cost the most to design was the top: “Although A Short Hike is a simple game, I wanted the last area to be more difficult to climb. Our protagonist, Claire, gets a little nervous as she gets to the top, and the atmosphere and the music try to reflect it. This part would reward the players who have explored the most by giving them more routes to reach the top.. However, I also wanted you to be able to get there with a few golden feathers! “, A task that is much more difficult.

“I have tried to make each area unique, either because of the type of flora that decorates it or because of the landmarks that you are going to find. A Short Hike is not a gigantic open world game, but I think your little world is full of things to discover“.

A Short Hike Comes to PS4 Today

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