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Xbox Game Pass was conceived as a video game rental service

Xbox Game Pass It was not always the subscription gambling service that we now know and which has garnered so much success; in a report by GQ for him Xbox 20th Anniversary, which the company will celebrate today at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time) with a live broadcast that you can follow here, it is explained that in its origins this platform was going to be more like a video game rental service.

Xbox Game Pass design has been underway since 2013, when it was known internally as Arches. At that time the company wanted to launch a digital video game rental platform, but the popularity of other services such as Netflix or Spotify made the original idea lead to what we know today: a subscription that allows us to play their entire catalog for free in exchange for a monthly payment.

The decision to offer a subscription gaming platform was not only influenced by Netflix and Spotify, but was also prompted by a change in income rates from video games: “Approximately 75% of the revenue from a game used to be obtained in the first two months of launch. Today it extends over two years,” he explains. Sarah Bond, director of ecosystem, in said article.

Publishers didn’t support Xbox Game Pass at first

This idea was completely groundbreaking in the sector, so much so that the publishers were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon from the first moment: “They said, ‘no way, [Game Pass] is going to devalue the games’“, says Bond. The solution was to start with old video games, something that did not carry any type of risk for distributors. The result was so good that the companies ended up convinced and supported Xbox Game Pass until it has become the successful service that It is today, when it has 18 million subscribers according to Latest official figures provided by the company.

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