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Unlock! Game Adventures, escape rooms set in board games

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Unlock is here! Game Adventures, a new installment of the popular Escape Room that, this time, takes us to the world of board games with Pandemic, Ticket to Ride and Mysterium.

Unlock! Game Adventures is the next one to five player escape room that contains three scenarios based on three beloved titles, such as Pandemic, the cooperative game about fighting diseases around the world, the train game Adventurers to the train and Mysterium, the horror-themed title where we will have to solve a murder with the help of the victim’s ghost.

On the stage of Pandemic Players will become scientists, such as a virologist, doctor or researcher, working to tackle a global health crisis.

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Adventurers to the Train will focus the action on a train journey across the American continent that has been interrupted by the nefarious plans of a gang of railroad entrepreneurs.

The stage set in Mystery, will focus on an old manor house that has been haunted by a helpless ghost who will communicate with the player through vision cards, similar to the original horror board game.

Unlock! Game Adventures, another way of seeing board games

In the escape game series Unlock! Players collaborate to solve a series of mysteries. Using the game box components and a compatible companion app, players can uncover the clues they need by scanning physical game items and entering the information they need to successfully complete the scenario and win.

Unlock! Game Adventures has been created by Thomas Cauët and Mathieu Casnin, who have already worked together on other installments of the series such as Heroic Adventures, as well as Jeremy Koch, co-designer of Mythic Adventures.

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Portada de Unlock! Game Adventures

The studio responsible for Unlock! Game Adventures is Space Cowboys, the company behind the publication of the entire series, as well as the board game Splendor, the cooperative investigative title Sherlock Holmes Detective Adviser, and the recent Jamaica reissue.

Unlock! Game Adventures It will go on sale in the first quarter of 2022, with a retail price yet to be confirmed. As with the rest of the deliveries, the game will arrive in our country in our language by the hand of Asmodee Iberica

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