Friday, November 25

Turtle Rock Studios continues to work to make the difficulty of Back 4 Blood ‘fair’

If you are enjoying cooperative survival action game Back 4 Blood But it seems difficult to you, you should know that you are not alone. In fact, Turtle Rock Studios admits that it’s harder than they wanted to do And they are working to find the perfect balance that is challenging but not to the point of despair.

Back 4 Blood It has already received several updates to soften the challenge but more are on the way. According to the study in Reddit, “sometimes a bit of difficulty can add more replayability, but right now there are issues and bugs that we have found in development that make it more difficult than intended“in reference to the high number of enemies and damage of the initial version.

“We want it intense. We want it challenging. We want you to just walk into a safe zone with a horde on your heels and feel that rush,” says Turtle Rock Studios while wishing to avoid an absurd difficulty. “We don’t want it to be unfair. That is our mission. Players must have a chance. They must win and lose, prevail or perish by their own actions. Skill, planning and teamwork should be the main thing. That is the goal. Part of reaching that goal is finding the right balance, just right, by constantly adjusting the various card systems, spawning systems, the AI ​​director, and other facets that affect the game. ”

A spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead

“We have identified another major cause of the unintended increase in difficulty,” Turtle Rock said. “We are actively working on a solution. We will correct this and continue to create a game that improves over time.“.

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On our analysis we tell you that Back 4 Blood is “that Left 4 Dead 3 that we have been waiting for more than a decade, but with several layers of depth, worthy of a cooperative multiplayer game of the year 2021, that alternate and invigorate the formula without adversely affecting the proposal of a saga that has always been characterized by its immediacy “.

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