Friday, November 25

They compare Battlefield 2042 in its versions of PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC

Battlefield 2042, the new war shooter focused on the multiplayer experience from DICE and EA, will launch on November 19 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC consoles. Those players who have been able to try the title thanks to its early access have reported a multitude of bugs among which are a spotty performance and numerous server issues. From its developer and distributor they are aware of the problems reported by the players and we imagine that they will solve them in future updates. How do the current versions look? ElAnalistaDeBits offers us a new comparison to find out.

The Xbox Series S version runs at 1260p at 60fps, while the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions run at 2160p at 60fps. Regarding the PC version, it should be noted that the comparison was made with the maximum graphic options using DLSS in quality mode with an RTX 3080 graphics card. That said, it should be noted that the version of PC allows the possibility to activate the ray tracing option for ambient occlusion with the Nvidia card And, as you might expect, it is the best resolved version in terms of textures and effects; The PS5 version features textures closer to PC compared to Xbox Series X / S.

Series S has the most stable frame rate

The PS5 version seems to better apply temporary reconstruction and achieves a slightly sharper result than the Series X version, but in any case lower than the DLSS of PC; despite this, Series X has better anisotropic filtering. Curiously, the S-Series version has a very solid frame rate per second and no noticeable drops, while in PS5 and Series X we found some punctual performance drops, especially noticeable in PS5. We imagine that this last point is related to the fact that the textures in Series S have a much lower quality compared to the rest of the versions.

Regarding some effects such as shadows, it should be noted that these have a lower resolution in the case of Series S, but on PS5 and Series X they are practically identical. Series S has slightly less vegetation, while the PS5, Series X and PC versions have the same volume of vegetation but it is distributed differently by the scenarios. Finally, ElAnalistaDeBits highlights that the drawing distance is very similar on all platforms -something lower in Series S- and that the reflections in PS5 have lower quality than those of Series X and PC.

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