Friday, November 25

The blow to the Swedish anthem was “disrespectful”

EOn November 14, the Spanish Soccer Team managed to qualify directly for the Qatar World Cup in 2022 after defeating Sweden 1-0. Mostly, the match turned into a party for the Spanish fans, but a sector of the stands left an ugly gesture that annoyed – as is logical – the Swedish Football Team. While it is true that most of the stands are in a good way to theirs, another part of the same pit the national anthem of Sweden.

With various, Janne Andersson, the coach of Sweden, was upset with the situation, as he considered it disrespectful. This is how he explained it during the post-match press conference. “I think they had no respect for the Swedish anthem, and I hope there will be a change from here on. I think it should be done. It’s a shame, because you always have to respect your rival and their national anthem. The most reasonable thing is to express that respect in a friendly way, because it does not affect the outcome of the match, he declared.

Shortly after, the media present there they asked him if he had spoken with Luis Enrique, the Spanish coach, according to the events that occurred. He was blunt: “No,” he said in the first instance. “I have not spoken with Luis Enrique at the end of the game. They were very happy celebrating the victory on the field, so I felt that this was not the time. It’s not something we should despair about, but I do think you should show that respect.“, aclar.

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Later, when Luis Enrique appeared at a press conference and found out what had happened, he apologized. “I apologize for that. It is a cultural question. We do not hate Sweden, although it is a bad habit. I hope we can change it in the future. The most important thing is to show respect for the rival team and the Swedish people. I’m really sorry. It is something that we must change over time, “he said.

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