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Pokemon GO: Best Moves for Klefki

Klefki may be one of the more unusual Pokémon designs in the franchise, but it still packs some great fast-paced, charged-up attacks in Pokémon GO.

Pokemon GO, the AR mobile game from Niantic and The Pokemon Company, celebrated its fifth anniversary this summer. Since its launch in 2016, the groundbreaking title has built and retained a huge and loyal fan base. This is due in part to a constant stream of updates, constantly adding new Pokémon and activities to Pokemon GOplayers to explore.

There are now Pokémon from many different generations in Pokemon GO, including Klefki, the Sixth Generation Keychain Pokémon. Klefki is a rare acquisition for most Pokemon GO players, as it can only be captured in France and some neighboring regions. However, this Steel / Fairy type is worth tracking down. He can be a powerful asset in any coach’s arsenal, with a wide range of moves to discover. The following attacks are the ones that make the most of your strengths.

The best DPS moves for Klefki in Pokémon GO

With the rare Steel / Fairy type combination, Klefki has a lot of resistances and very few vulnerabilities. Additionally, you have access to normal, ghost, steel, fairy, and dark moves. This makes it a good choice against a variety of opponents, whether in Pokemon GORaids, gyms or PvP. Overall, the best moveset for Klefki when it comes to DPS is the combination of Tackle and Play Rough.

Entry it’s a normal-type quick attack. As a normal-type attack, it isn’t super effective against either type, but it deals good damage and has average power generation. Note that Ghost-type Pokémon are immune to its damage and are weak against Rock and Steel.

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Play rough It is a fairy-type charged attack that packs heavy damage and has a lower than average energy cost. It is particularly strong against Fighting, Dragon, and Dark, but weak against Poison, Steel, and Fire.

The best defensive moves for Klefki in Pokémon GO

While Tackle and Play Rough are hands down the best moves for most Klefki, players may want to prioritize a different set if they plan to use Pokémon for gym defense. Pokemon GO Gyms can be attacked by other players, and the Pokémon left there will automatically defend themselves.

Defending Pokémon Gyms will attack Pokémon under a player’s control differently, so a different move set is optimal. For Klefki, the best set to defend a gym from other players is the combination of Astonish and Play Rough.

Amaze It is a fast ghost-type attack that deals more damage than Tackle, but attacks less frequently. This is not a problem for a defending Pokémon, as its attack speed will be limited anyway. It also generates more Energy, which is vital since defending Pokémon have a higher Energy cap.

Play rough is still Klefki’s best charged attack in Pokemon GO regardless of whether your goal is offensive or defensive. Deals high damage with a relatively low energy cost.

Pokemon GO it is available on Android and iOS.

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