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Phil Spencer already thinks of a successor to take his place as Xbox boss | LevelUp

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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, is currently one of the best-known faces in the industry. It is not for less, because the manager managed to get the company to overcome very complicated moments in the Xbox One era.

Everything that starts has to end, so there will come a time when Spencer announces his retirement and stops being in charge of Xbox. We know that the manager is already thinking about a succession plan and shared some details about it in a recent interview.

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Phil Spencer thinks about his successor and the future of Xbox

In a conversation with the magazine GQ (via Video Games Chronicle), Spencer talked about his 30-plus-year career at Microsoft.

The manager said that part of his job is to ensure that Xbox is in good hands and in a stable position when he decides to abandon ship. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Spencer will be retiring soon, but he made it clear that he already thinks about his successor.

“The longevity of this team, the sustainability of this team, there is nothing that is more important to me at this time than that,” said the executive. Regarding his retirement, he reaffirmed that it will happen when he is sure that Xbox will be able to continue without him in command.

“You should when you think about the long-term health of the team. To ensure that the equipment is in a good place. That the culture of the company is good. And that we are making the right decisions on who to bet on, “added Spencer.

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Finally, the head of Xbox said that an important part of his strategy and the future of Xbox will be to take risks, because only in this way will they be able to stay current in the industry.

“What I have learned is that it is also very risky not [correr riesgos]. You have to plant those seeds today. Because they are not just going to happen. And it is not easy to buy innovation, “concluded Spencer.

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