Friday, November 25

NASA’s Juno Captures a Photo of Jupiter So Beautiful You’ll Swear It’s Fake

Jupiter is a large, gaseous, and dangerous planet. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. This latest Juno image proves exactly that.

Jupiter It is one of the most daunting planets in our Solar System, and thanks to Juno’s continually impressive work, NASA just shared a truly amazing photo. Considering that most people will never have the opportunity to visit outer space on their own, images from NASA and other organizations are extremely important. While it’s difficult to convey the vastness of space with words alone, a picture from Perseverance, Hubble, or another instrument makes things much easier.

There are regular examples of this all the time. You could read an article about a massive aurora engulfing the Earth, but seeing a picture of its unfathomable beauty is much more shocking. The same is true of all the exploration of Mars that is taking place right now. It is one thing to read about the planet that has vast dunes and peculiar rocks, but to see actual images of these things is completely different. Whether for educational purposes or a passing interest, these photos are most people’s gateway to the Milky Way and beyond.

Uploaded by NASA his last space photo on November 10th and in a nutshell it’s so good that you probably think it’s fake. What you’re looking at above is an image of Jupiter, captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft and edited by scientist Brian Swift. The photo was originally taken on September 2 while Juno was 16,800 miles above Jupiter’s gaseous atmosphere. Juno has been orbiting Jupiter since July 2016 to do exactly this. It orbits the planet, regularly uses its ‘JunoCam’ to capture high-quality images, and runs on solar energy despite receiving 25 times less sunlight compared to Earth. It’s not the most talked about spacecraft in NASA’s portfolio, but it really is one of the most impressive.

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An amazing look at Jupiter’s gaseous atmosphere

As for Jupiter itself, it has long been a great focal point for astronomers. It is the fifth planet that is furthest from the Sun and the largest planet in the Solar System. However, unlike Earth or Mars, Jupiter does not have a solid surface. Instead, it is made up entirely of gases (primarily hydrogen and helium). This gaseous composition also means that Jupiter is a very stormy planet. Along with the Great Red Spot, new storms appear regularly on Jupiter and last much longer than on Earth.

This photo shows some of those storms in excellent detail. Do you see the dark red spot on the planet? NASA says it is a cyclone that spans about 250 miles. It may look small in the image, but considering Jupiter has a radius of 43,441 miles, that’s just a tiny blob among countless other storms. That harsh environment will prevent humans from visiting Jupiter on their own, but with images like this we can at least feel like we’re gone.

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