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Go that in Mexico we are far from those years in which the creation of a video game was seen as a difficult dream to achieve. Today, there are many developers in our country who seek to break through in the industry and there are more and more projects that we are aware of, which appeal and bet on design elements and mechanics that have been part of our history as players. Recently, we became aware of The Overlap, an interesting 2D survival sandbox in a post-cataclysm world that is developed by a Mexican, Octavio Romo, founder of Back Pocket Games.

The Overlap, game developed by a Mexican

Through a press release, Octavio Romo, founder of Back Pocket Games, an initiative based in Monterrey, Mexico, presented The Overlap, a game that he is personally developing and whose proposal will take us to a devastated world, full of zombies and creatures where to survive, advance and know what happened will be the objectives. In specific terms, The Overlap It is defined as a 2D sandbox of survival and cosmic horror with procedurally generated worlds and with a gameplay that includes combat mechanics, stealth, resource management, construction, customization and progression.

What happened in the world of The Overlap?

One of the attractions of The Overlap is that in addition to their procedurally generated worlds, it will be necessary to adapt to them to survive, which implies phases of exploration and obtaining resources that we can then use to create items and equipment that help our character (created as an avatar), accompanied for your faithful pet, to move forward. Of course, in a world that is destroyed and full of dangers, there are different options to do so, an example of this are the areas contaminated by radiation, where the protagonist must wear a suit that protects him.

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However, The Overlap It also includes melee and weapon combat mechanics, as its world is full of zombies and ruthless creatures, so details such as the frontal attack will come into play there, with weapons for the occasion and strategy possibilities that will take advantage of the environment. although that will generate noise that could be counterproductive. In that case, it will also be possible to bet on stealth and distraction to get rid of danger.

In the same way, The Overlap will have the option for multiplayer bringing the survival experience in the company of other users.

The Overlap is full of dangers and survival is the only option
The Overlap is full of dangers and survival is the only option

Survive in The Overlap it also implies having a shelter to do it

As mentioned in its description, The Overlap It also bets on resource management and construction mechanics, which will lead you to develop a shelter that protects you and serves to rest in the face of the onslaught of its hostile world.

On the other hand, the experience in The Overlap It will include a cycle of day and night and changes in the weather that will affect what happens in this world impacted by a disaster known as “The Cataclysm”, which will add a component of strategy that, perhaps, could surprise us.

According to information from The Overlap that you can find in its Kickstarter campaign, the influences for its creation are a collection of titles that are part of our background in videogames, especially for those who are fans of terror and survival.

The Overlap influences
The Overlap influences

The Overlap already has a Kickstarter campaign and is looking for support

As we mentioned, The Overlap It has already started its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $ 140,000 that will be open until December 3. The support options are varied and accessible, so if you are interested in making this project a reality and supporting the video game development scene in Mexico, you can do it. entering this link and contributing the amount you want.

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The Overlap is scheduled to debut on PC, iOS, and Android in April 2023.

If more, we leave you with the trailer of the campaign of The Overlap and Kickstarter.

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