Saturday, November 26

Logan Paul challenges Tyson Fury to fight

Controversial YouTube sensation Logan Paul challenges professional boxer Tyson Fury to fight him after his brothers’ upcoming match.

Notorious YouTuber Logan Paul has used social media to launch his career in a variety of different directions, but he has also used those same social media channels to start a number of controversies. Now, the YouTuber has shared a new video challenging two-time heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury to a boxing match.

The grudge between Logan Paul and Tyson Fury has its roots in his younger brothers, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, who are scheduled to fight on December 18. The Paul brothers are YouTube sensations who have recently branched out into boxing, while the Fury brothers are Both professional boxers followed in their father’s footsteps.

While the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is already set to be a great show, it may not be the only battle between the brothers planned in the near future. Logan Paul recently took to Instagram to challenge Tyson Fury, who is the current WBC heavyweight champion, to a fight of his own. In the video, Logan Paul declares that he is going to take down Tyson Fury even if he needs a tractor to do it before reiterating that Tyson Fury will fall to him.

Despite the fervor Logan Paul speaks with in the video, he has only fought in one professional boxing match with British YouTuber and rapper KSI, which he lost. However, Logan Paul has been active in WWE and participated in a boxing exhibition match with Floyd Mayweather, who also lost, in addition to previously fighting KSI in an amateur white collar boxing match that resulted in a majority draw. This means that the full breadth of his experience is a bit broader than it initially appears, but Logan Paul still has much less practice than Tyson Fury. While Logan Paul has been known to step into hot water for views in the past, it is unclear if he plans to go ahead with his challenge to Tyson Fury.

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At the time of writing, Tyson Fury has yet to respond to Logan Paul’s taunts, perhaps because he is focusing on the next fight between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. Jake Paul also has a history with boxing and his career progression from influencer to professional boxer seems to mirror Tommy Fury’s progression from professional boxer to reality star. Tyson Fury has taken it upon himself to train his younger brother to fight Jake Paul and seems quite confident in Tommy Fury’s chances of victory against the YouTube star.

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