Friday, November 25

HBO’s The Last of Us Shows Incredible First Look at Jackson County

The television series The Last of Us for HBO is shown in new images from its filming set, this time belonging to the set that the team is building for the Jackson County Recreation that we could see in The Last of Us Parte II. The new batch of images has been shared by the unofficial Twitter account about this adaptation of the games created by Naughty Dog and shows the high budget of the series, in addition to the efforts that are being made by those in charge of production. as long stay true to game scenarios.

Those who have played the sequel to The Last of Us they will easily identify some of the scenarios shown in the images; It should be noted that some of the episodes that will take place in this location could have been shot by Neil Druckmann himself. The images are very varied and show a first glance to the greenhouses that we can see at the beginning of the adventure when we drive Ellie and follow Jesse, the gate built with logs that we could also see at the beginning when we controlled Joel and followed Tommy on horseback or one of the most iconic bars that we can visit in this area.

An ambitious adaptation that promises to expand the universe of the two games

The adaptation of The Last of Us to the small screen promises to be one of the most promising projects when it comes to moving a video game to real action, and that is, in addition to having the original characters as Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey) or Tommy (Gabriel Luna), the story promises to expand everything that made us fall in love with the two deliveries that we received exclusively for PlayStation consoles with new stories and characters. Of course, the series is going on for a long time, so we strongly recommend you take a look at other images of the shoot that have been compiled so far in order to appease the desire for its premiere.

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