Friday, November 25

Halo TV series first shown with sneak peek trailer

343 Industries and Xbox have shown for the first time the television series of Halo in a short sneak peek clip or trailer they showed during the console’s 20th anniversary event and the Master Chief Saga. The production of Amblin Television y Chapter Eleven will be released sometime 2022 in the service of streaming Paramount Plus, which is not yet available in Spain. You can see the teaser below.

The video doesn’t show much, just who seems to be the person who ends up becoming the Master Chief, but from behind; and a glimpse of what the armor of the Spartan 117 will look like in the TV series. Production, announced eight years ago at the Xbox One launch event, it has had its comings and goings during this time, but finally fans of the universe created by Bungie have audiovisual material to hold onto to await its premiere.

The Serie, created by Steven Kane (producer of The Last Ship and The Closer) and Kyle Killen (scriptwriter of Mind Games and Awake), it will consist of nine episodes. Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black, The Wire) be the Master Chief, Natascha McElhone (Californication, The Truman Show) play Dr. Catherine Halsey and Yerin Ha (Reef Break) be Quan Ah, while Cortana will be played again by Jen Taylor.

The plot introduce us to “the most advanced warrior on Earth in the 26th century, and only hope of salvation for a civilization pushed to the brink of destruction by the Covenant, an unstoppable alliance of alien worlds committed to the destruction of humanity. ” “one side of the Boss [Maestro] that you can’t play in the game “.

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The multiplayer of Halo Infinite ya is available

This November 15 has Free multiplayer beta released from Halo Infinite on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One, with all the content and progression systems that will be available when the final version is available on December 8. That same day the campaign will be launched on the same platforms.

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