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GTA Trilogy: How Cheats Affect Trophies and Achievements

There are many cheats for players to use in the new GTA Trilogy Remaster, but do the cheats disable trophies and achievements?

Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, and players rush to wreak havoc and enjoy classic stories dating back to the days of PS2. While the three games in the trilogy …San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA 3– has a new modernized redesign, many elements of the game remain the same, including the abundance of cheat codes that allow players to do all kinds of wild things, such as summoning a rocket launcher or perhaps a helicopter. There are some GTA traps that have been removed for technical reasons, but most of them are still there.

However, for trophy hunters and achievement seekers, you should know that using cheat codes in any of the three games in the GTA The trilogy will impact the unlock of trophies / achievements., and this guide will go over it all in more detail.

Do cheat codes disable trophies and achievements in the GTA trilogy?

As mentioned above, using cheat codes in the GTA Trilogy Will lock players from being able to unlock certain trophies and achievements. So if players are trying to get some platinum trophies or are just trying to increase their player score, not using cheats will prevent unlocks from being lost. However, players can ensure that the cheats do not affect their trophy hunt by saving their in-game progress before trying them out. In this way, GTA trilogy Players can revert to their previous save, as if the cheat codes were never used in the first place.

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The game will also warn players about the use of cheat codes as soon as they are entered into anyone’s menu. GTA game they are playing.

GTA trilogy: are there trophies and achievements that cannot be obtained?

GTA trilogy Players should know that many achievements and trophies can be lost in all three games. While players go through each story mission for the first time, there is no way to go back and replay them right away, so some people may have to replay the entire game to collect specific trophies. And it’s also worth noting that if GTA Trilogy players don’t turn off trophies / achievements, there is a slim chance that you can turn off 100% earning, preventing players from earning all trophies and achievements.

the GTA trilogy remastering is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.


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