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Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll llegará a Occidente como Cotton Fantasy | LevelUp

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This year has been full of celebrations for video game franchise anniversaries. On the list is is Cotton, the cute ’em up niche Japanese. As we mentioned, Success did not miss the opportunity to celebrate its IP and announced the launch of several games. One of the most important is Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll, which would be a completely new delivery. The good news is that its name has already been confirmed in the West and it will arrive with a fantastic collector’s edition.

Months ago it was revealed Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll, which would be the delivery of the 30th anniversary of Cotton. It had already been confirmed that the title would reach the West, but until recently it was revealed that its name in this region will be Cotton Fantasy.

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Cotton Fantasy will arrive in the West with a great special edition

This was confirmed by ININ Games, in charge of the publication. This title will be completely localized to English and will present a new adventure of the witch Nata de Cotton and her companion fairy Silk. In total there will be 16 levels that will incorporate gameplay mechanics with horizontal, vertical and even 3D scrolling.

Best of all, it was confirmed that Strictly Limited Games partnered again with ININ Games to release collector’s editions of the game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, which will include the physical copy of the title, 1 CD with soundtrack, 1 art book, postcards and more. What is most striking is that it will include the Nendoroid of Nata de Cotton that was announced months ago.

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In case you missed it: one of the games of Cotton rarer finally reached the West.

Standard physical editions that include only a physical copy of the game (PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch) are sold for € 39.99 EUR and collectibles (PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch) are priced at € 109.99 EUR. Shipments will begin to be made in March or April of the following year.

Imagen: Strictly Limited Games

Additionally, you should know that Cotton Reboot!, the enhanced version of the original game that debuted on X68000 in 1991 is now available on PC for the first time via Steam and is priced at $ 44.19 USD or $ 412.99 MXN.

Then we leave you with the trailer of Cotton Fantasy.

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Cotton Fantasy It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will debut sometime in winter 2022. The Japanese version, Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll, will go on sale on December 23. You can find more news related to Cotton if you visit this page.

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