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Carlos Ballarta, Mexican comedian, will appear in Mictlán and this is how his character will be seen | LevelUp

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Meta Studios Creative Agency has approached several personalities from Mexico to invite them to collaborate in Mictlán: An Ancient Mythical Tale. Thanks to this, the game will have a cast of faces that will be very familiar to the players of our country. It was recently confirmed that Carlos Ballarta, the Mexican comedian, will appear in Mictlán: An Ancient Mythical Tale and they already showed their character.

Through social networks, Meta Studios Creative Agency revealed that in Mictlán: An Ancient Mythical Tale. Carlos Ballarta will appear as a tlamacazqui. Thus, it will be a being that has the ability to predict disasters and tragedies.

Being someone who has witnessed so many terrible things, one might think that Ballartatl, the character that Ballarta will play, will be serious and quiet. However, in reality he will be an individual who will always take things with a lot of humor.

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“A man who speaks in song and in flower, and who has seen the reality that is veiled from the eyes of men. He obtained his blinders from a Teotihuacan tomb and put obsidian glasses on them to avoid losing his sanity due to his visions.

When a being surrounds himself with such calamity, his attitude strangely turns towards the opposite path. With his veiled sight, Ballartatl jokes and makes everyone who approaches him laugh, aware that this will be perhaps the last time they laugh ”, explained Meta Creative Agency.

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This is how Carlos Ballarta looks in Mictlán

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Do you like how Carlos Ballarta looks in Mictlán? Do you like that there are so many Mexican characters in the game or would you prefer something different? Tell us in the comments.

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