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Beat Saber: The 12 Hardest Songs, Ranked

From It’s Imagine Dragons Time to Linkin Park’s New Divide, these are some of the toughest and fastest songs on Beat Saber (DLC included).

Beat Saber’s beat-cutting sands are not for the faint-hearted. It’s no secret that this excellent rhythm game can be challenging. Overcoming difficulties always feels rewarding, and with Beat Saber taking you from Easy to Expert +, there’s a hint and map for every player.

However, for the seasoned slicer, getting a perfect match on Expert + is the end goal. Not only will you earn your spot on the leaderboards, but you’ll also be able to show off your right to take it home. If you want to go straight to the top, turn on “No Fail”. These tracks are classified according to the largest number of blocks or ‘beats’ per track in Expert + mode. Custom tracks are not included in this list.

Updated November 14, 2021 by Victoria Pheasey: Beat Saber is the gift that keeps on giving, and with the new Skrillex and Billie Eilish DLC music packs, you’ll be able to blast your way through some new maps. New beat maps bring new challenges, and there are two harder tracks flying on the harder Beat Saber songs for you to nail down your sabers.

It’s Time: Imagine Dragons: Motivational Both Inside and Outside the Beatmap

Imagine Dragons were the first band to have their own DLC in 2019, featuring Bad Liar, Believer, and more. However, It’s Time certainly turns out to be the hardest of the ten featured tracks. The punchy intro will cheer you on for the rest of the track, even if it’s softer. It’s really outrageous that Friction isn’t included, but hey, there’s always custom content and illusions.

It’s a song that you know subconsciously, it’s only if you can keep up with it as it surprisingly has the lowest BPM of the hardest tracks. It’s Time is constant at all times, maintaining a marching rhythm with tracks and blocks.

Song details:

Oxytocin: Billie Eilish: love can be a challenge

The moon may shine brightly alongside the clouds above, and the waterfall that falls within the map may seem ethereal, but don’t let this idyllic view fool you. It is quite relentless. As Billie’s reassuring voice echoes through the chamber, you will dodge 120 obstacles and 24 bombs.

Its changing environment will help you cut, as lasers come out of the clouds to play games and a bright moon quickly turns blood red. It’s an awesome map to cut out, that’s for sure.

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Song details:

Shiawase: Dion Timmer: Moving the goalposts

Canadian Label Monstercat joins the Rocket League in this DLC, bringing five tracks straight from the field to the arena (and further bolstering this indie title’s fantastic soundtrack). Orange and blue blocks light up the smoky stage, but don’t let the visuals distract you – this track can be quite unforgiving.

There are numerous side slicers on this map, so keep the space around you clear to avoid knocking over things in the real world. With only 18 obstacles to dodge, your main focus is where it belongs: on those pesky blocks.

Song details:

Burning Sands: Boom Kitty – A Freakishly Fast Piece of DnB

Boom Kitty offers a creative track with various influences, without losing its signature flair. Make sure to bend your knees, as an assault course awaits – there are a lot of ducks and dodges, and that’s only in Normal mode.

The start of the track is bumpy; the blocks are flying towards you at incredible speed and there is no intention of slowing them down. The middle eight towards the final drop of the song is by far the hardest part, simply because of how much your arms are likely to burn at this point. Still, think about the exercise you are doing while playing.

Song details:

Party Rock Anthem: LMFAO (with Lauren Bennett and GoonRock): shuffling your way to a full combo

Even on Normal, LMFAO’s most popular track will make you sweat. Interscope Records’ multi-genre DLC features a new environment set in a low-light underground parking lot, relying on you to light the way with some exceptional hits. Party Rock Anthem’s rhythm map will have you dancing between cuts on any difficulty.

It is common for this map to change the location of blocks regularly, so be careful where you would normally attack. Sky Blu and Redfoo’s first verses are undoubtedly the challenge here, but towards the end of Lauren Bennett’s verse, there are walls and bombs galore.

Song details:

Overkill: Riot: When Tron: Legacy y Skrillex Collide

Monstercat’s First Beat Saber Bundle includes 10 high-energy tracks from their own artists. This one starts out a little slower, with its synths welcoming you to the map, but soon increases the difficulty with a bit of heavy dubstep. Definitely an experience worth the immersion of a headset.

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Drumming down the track is much more challenging than when you arrive. It’s almost obscene how many notes fly towards you at once. The main objective during the fall is to breathe as many times as possible and avoid obstacles.

Song details:

New division: Linkin Park – sure to bring the sensations and the pain

Featuring the late and long-awaited Chester Bennington, Linkin Park’s downloadable content features eleven of his greatest hits. Each track brings a fond nostalgia, as you smash through various of the band’s anthems. The DLC features a tunnel location with its artwork scattered across the map. Faint and One Step Closer cut through beatmaps, but surprisingly, New Divide surprisingly offers the biggest challenge. Fear not, you will have plenty of opportunities to fight your way through one of Mike Shinoda’s unforgettable streams.

This rhythm map has many obstacles – in fact, there are 162. Your sabers will practically morph into drumsticks as you cut to the beat. Chester offers a few moments of respite as he delicately sings the opening bars, so use them wisely.

Song details:

Ragga Bomb (con Ragga Twins): Skrillex: Feeling The Burn

It’s a match made in heaven and Skrillex’s DLC certainly brings mayhem. The DJ pack brings many playable favorites, but Ragga Bomb undoubtedly reigns supreme when it comes to difficulty. You may be bomb-free for this one, but what it lacks in explosives, it makes up for in obstacles. There are 127 scattered across the map, and while it sounds doable, adding them to the mix of a high BPM and beat count is an exercise.

Their map is a raver’s dream with plenty of laser show, however, you’ll be too busy cutting to see them all and feeling the heat. But look at it this way, you can go dancing in your living room, in your pajamas, a win-win situation.

Song details:

  • Blocks: 1530

  • BPM: 174

  • Bundle: Skrillex (DLC)

MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix): BTS y Steve Aoki: Burning The Stage

It was only a matter of time before these K-Pop powerhouses brought the heat. These 12 songs are sure to make any BTS fan take the sabers. MIC Drop doesn’t stop from scratch, so don’t let the pulsing lasers and animated BTS members that appear distract you from that combo.

The block count may not seem so overwhelming, but this is the most bumpy of the track. With 360 dazzling walls to dodge and 92 bombs that want to ruin your chances of getting the high score, it’s crucial that you’re ready to hit the road when the timer hits 3:52. When RM wishes you ‘Good Luck’ be sure to take note – you’ll need it in those last 90 seconds.

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Song details:

  • Blocks: 1574

  • BPM: 170

  • Package: BTS (DLC)

Angel Voices: Virtual Self – Not So Sweet and Innocent After All

Grab some water for this one before taking the controls. Angel Voices brings a map full of blocks with a lot of rhythm, which only offers a few moments to catch your breath. With over six minutes of utter chaos, it’s a song worth a chat about.

In about two minutes, be sure to enjoy each wall, as these sections are almost bump-free. As the lead tune picks up, heading into that drop gets a bit treacherous. Fortunately, it builds, so you can at least keep up to start.

Song details:

Spin Eternally: Camellia: Sure to get your blood pumping

Camellia maps are famous for being the hardest to complete. By hovering over one of his songs, you are aware of the challenge. Its maps on Normal difficulty are quite an experience, however completing a track on the DJ’s Expert + is something any Beat Saber player strives for. However, compared to another of the Camellia maps, this one is child’s play when it comes to blocks.

However, in terms of bombs, the cartographers didn’t exactly want you to be successful. With an absurd 235 littering the map, you’ll have to stay alert at all times.

Song details:

Ghost: Camellia: Defeat Saber’s final boss

Making it out on the other side of the Ghost map should earn you some kind of medal. Taken from the DJ’s first solo package outside of regular functions, Camellia has certainly improved it a bit. Adding nearly 1000 more blocks than any other Expert + track in the library, this is more of a challenge than any other.

You face almost 9 blocks per second in this Beat Saber battle royale. Different DnB drops are thrown at him to hack, but in the run-up to said drops, it’s chaos. If you can overcome this, you can overcome anything life throws at you.

Song details:

  • Blocks: 2726

  • BPM: 220

  • Package: Camellia (DLC)

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