Friday, November 25

Battlefield 2042 launches with bug-ridden Early Access

Battlefield 2042 debuts in its early access with a multitude of errors that have prevented players from enjoying the experience offered by the game to the fullest. new shooter focused on the multiplayer experience from DICE and EA. According to reports from Eurogamer, the game currently features serious server issues, unstable performance, and various bugs that prevent us from even playing the title. From EA and DICE they are aware of the bugs that users are reporting and it is more than likely that these will be solved with future updates from its launch on November 19, although the premiere has been so disastrous that they compare it with that of Battlefield 4.

Server failures, erratic performance, and minor bugs

Martin Robinson, author of the article in the aforementioned media, assures that throughout Friday night it was impossible to access the servers of Battlefield 2042 and, therefore, he was left without playing after several attempts. He also points out that more than half of the games he was able to play had problems with the servers, technical failures that could affect the game experience and other types of technical errors such as the disappearance of our avatar’s head that, although they are minor details that should not affect our experience too much, the truth is that they ugly the graphics of a Pretty flashy title. Robinson emphasizes that have encountered these problems by playing the Xbox version, so it is unknown if these persist on the rest of the platforms.

Despite the fact that, as we have indicated at the beginning of the news, Battlefield 2042 will be officially launched this Friday, something that could justify the presence of these technical and performance failures that we point out, the truth is that it is not being a satisfactory experience for those who have spent a greater amount to be able to play the title in early access. However, it is not all bad news, and it is that Robinson emphasizes that When the title works as it should, it offers the sensations one expects from a good delivery of Battlefield. Has the complicated gameplay played a role in this troublesome early access? It is very likely, although we hope that the problems will be solved as soon as possible so that players can have an optimal experience for the launch.

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