Saturday, November 26

Arc System Works revela el tercer personaje DLC para Guilty Gear Strive

Arc System Works reveals the third DLC character from the first Guilty Gear Strive season pass, with a new trailer showing off his capabilities.

Guilty gear stress has been a huge success for Arc System Works after its release earlier this year, being praised by the fanbase for the past few months thanks to its story, characters, and music. They all offer something unique, and each character and song has a lot of thought and care behind them. It is also one of the best-selling games in the franchise, and this game continues to gain momentum through its first Season Pass which will contain five DLC characters for Guilty gear stress.

The first two DLC characters released are a new character and a returning character. The first DLC character in the Season Pass was Goldlewis Dickinson, an entirely new character to the game who uses a coffin as a weapon containing Area 51 technology. The second DLC character was a returning Jack O ‘Valentine, who encountered a lot of fan cheers. The third DLC character is revealed to be a character who first appeared in Guilty Gear Xrd, and will make their playable debut on Strive.

Arc System Works reveals that the maniac Happy Chaos, who made an appearance in Guilty gear stressThe story mode as an antagonist, is the newest fighter. Announced at the Red Bull Kumite FGC tournament, Happy Chaos will join the roster on November 30 for those who purchased the Season 1 Pass. The character’s separate release will be a few days later, on December 3.

Gunslinging Broken Messiah, as the game calls it, will bring exciting new combat mechanics to the game. Guilty gear stress. This includes being able to use your magic gun, where in addition to shooting your opponents, you can see a reticle that can track them. There are also a number of doppelgangers that Happy Chaos can summon, which also plays on his tricky nature. His theme song was also showcased in this trailer, starting with a jazzy and upbeat tune, then moving on to a heavier rock-style song, which also fits his chaotic presence.

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The reception for the reveal has been enthusiastic, with many enjoying that Happy Chaos is finally playable after his appearance in the story, for other parts of the character such as his troll persona. This includes an Easter Egg that if a game with Happy Chaos times out will trigger the timer regardless of whether it ended up losing. Others made comparisons with Adachi of the Person spin-off of the fighting game also developed by Arc System Works, where both characters are armed antagonists who enjoy their acts of villainy in the games.

Guilty gear stress is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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