Friday, November 25

A tough play-off awaits Portugal and Italy

A lack of the last day in groups D, E and G, there are already nine European teams that have achieved their qualification for the 2022 World Cup (Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, England and Germany). The Netherlands have the best of it to be the last group champion, scoring a point at home against Norway.

And there are ten teams that will play the repechage: Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Wales, Czech Republic, Scotland, Austria, Russia, Poland and North Macedonia. It remains to be determined who will be second in group D (Finland or Ukraine) and in group G (Netherlands, Turkey or Norway).

The playoff pairings draw will be held next November 26 in Zurich. The six highest-scoring teams in the group stage will be assigned as seeds, including Portugal and Italy. These two teams could not meet in the semifinal but if in a hypothetical final if both are framed in the same group.

Semifinals 1 and 2 belong to the route A of the play-offs, the semifinals 3 and 4 will go for the route B, and the semifinals 5 and 6 for the route C. To determine which semi-final winner will play at home in the final, an additional draw will be held for each route.

Depending on the 12 teams that finally qualify for the play-offs, the rule of “forbidden confrontation between teams” would mean that, for example, Ukraine and Russia they could not be paired.

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