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10 best platforms for Speedrun

I have to go fast! If you like speedrunning, these are the best platform games to beat as quickly as possible.

The world of speedrunning is full of countless titles that are worth learning and learning. With thousands of different speedrunning communities to participate in, there is no shortage of in-depth knowledge on any player’s favorite titles. Something that should come as no surprise to any gamer is how exciting fast racing platformer games can be.

Some players’ lists of the best games of all time are made up almost entirely of platforms and learning to run them quickly only increases the value of a game. Some platformers that can take the average gamer dozens of hours to complete may only take the average sprinting runner an hour at most.

Super mario 64

One of the most watched video games in speedrunning history is Super Mario 64. With five separate categories for speed runners to try, ranging from total completion to beating the game with no stars, there’s a lot to prove with that game. classic.

While many players may remember playing Mario 64 for weeks to complete, many players have managed to complete the game in under two hours with incredible moves and unique tricks. If speed is your priority, the starless race can be completed in approximately seven minutes.

Shovel knight

When players think of their favorite indie games, Shovel Knight may well stand out in their minds. The retro-style platformer makes for an incredibly entertaining speedrun that doesn’t take too long.

Any% of game execution not even the best players take fifty minutes to finish. While the game itself takes a lot of practice to master its levels, the welcoming community will have new speed racers asking as many questions as possible. The game itself even has internal speedrunning challenges, so it’s pretty much made to work.

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The hit game of 2018, Celeste, quickly became the favorite game of many in the speedrunning community. Tight controls and fun mechanics make Celeste a platformer that most players should try to experience at least once.

It may seem overwhelming to get involved with Celeste speedrunning at first due to the highly optimized routes, but the friendly community is sure to ease the concerns of many players. A quick race in just under half an hour for the best players, Celeste gives players many opportunities to practice.

super meat boy

Even though it was released in 2010, Super Meat Boy has remained an incredibly popular game for speedrun. Fun levels and tight controls make it a blast to play, even casually, but just because the game is well done doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The game itself is quite difficult, which creates a steep learning curve when you need to move through the levels as quickly as possible. Those willing to spend time on the difficult challenge will likely find one of the the most satisfying speedrunning experiences out there.

Sonic the hedgehog 2

For a franchise that is all about going fast, it should come as no surprise to gamers that the Sonic speedrunning community is quite large. There are many great Sonic games to choose from, but one of the most fascinating is Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

it’s possible beat the entire game in less than twenty minutes with some of the most detailed speedrunning guides out there. While the race is highly optimized, players who enjoy challenging themselves to learn perfectly executed tackles will love a race like this. New world records are more frequent than most players think.

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The thought of speedruning a game as brutally difficult as Cuphead may make you think twice about trying it, but with enough work, a Cuphead speedrun is just as much fun as a casual game. The biggest obstacles are taking down the numerous boss patterns and becoming a master of the game’s movement mechanics.

While the game is short, it still tends to force casual players to play several hours in order to beat it once. The best players can win the game. in about half an hour for almost all of its many categories.

Donkey Kong Country

The longer a game has been around, the more time players have had to discover new speed tricks and optimize their movement through various levels. With how long Donkey Kong Country (DKC) has been played, it’s no wonder players are able to beat the game. in just over half an hour.

While DKC is a relatively difficult game, its speedrun is no easier. Running DKC will cause players to try several times each session, as it is a difficult game to master. Those who have mastered the speedrun will be happy to share tips for the various levels with newcomers looking to try a race for themselves.

Mega Man X

The Mega Man series has some of the most exciting speedruns fans can find. The races are so spectacular that players often compete with each other simultaneously to see who can win the game first. Mega Man X and even the rest of the SNES X series are great speed games.

Mega Man X is another game that is highly optimized at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped people from improving the world record. Hundreds of players are listed on the leaderboards and some of the best times put a full walkthrough of the game on little more than half an hour.

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

When players decide to pick a game, they are generally trying to make sure they get the most value for the price they have to pay. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy provides that value and more for many gamers, especially if they are looking for a new game for speedrun.

With three separate platform games to choose from, players who like tight tickets will love the challenge each of the races offers. With each of the races taking the best players about forty minutes to complete, the N. Sane trilogy offers speed runners plenty to work with.

Super Mario Odyssey

The Super Mario franchise has been a favorite of the speedrunning community, and when Super Mario Odyssey launched in 2017, the community created all kinds of speedrunning challenges. Anyone who has played Super Mario Odyssey knows how much fun the ride can be, and seeing any speedrun is sure to surprise fans of the game.

With six different competitive categories to attempt races, players will have fun challenging themselves to make their times even lower. The best players can complete a race of any percentage in just under an hour, so new riders will surely have a lot of practice ahead of them.

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