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Witcher 3: 10 weirder locations than previously thought

The world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is grim and unforgiving. Some places are also much scarier than it initially appears.

The world of The witcher 3 it is filled with a plethora of hideous monsters. From Drowners to Leshens, players will face a variety of monsters during their matches. They will venture through many places to search for these monsters and destroy them as warlocks.

In some cases, these locations can be a little creepier than usual. And while having a trusty silver sword by your side helps, The witcher 3 Players will feel a chill run down their spine when exploring certain areas. In these areas, having a will of steel is also best along with the warlock’s tools, weapons, and potions.

Lindenvale Cemetery

Graveyards and graveyards tend to get a bit spooky on their own, but thanks to a little Easter egg in the game, Lindenvale Graveyard goes the extra mile. Players will find the graveyard at the beginning The witcher 3 while exploring Velen and its surroundings. Once they arrive, players will find a structure where they can enter. You will also see some statues scattered around the cemetery that will be oriented in different directions.

When players enter the structure and then leave, they will see that the statues will have been facing towards them and they will be looking at Geralt. This is a reference to the Weeping Angels from the show. Doctor who, which also behave similarly.

Novigrad Haunted House

Players will encounter the Haunted House sometime after meeting Triss for the first time when they reach the Novigrad section of the campaign. She will send Geralt to Corrine Tilly, an Oneiromancer, who would be working in a supposedly haunted house. As players explore the house, they will hear childish giggles, footsteps, and objects moving around the house, which means something is wrong.

Although Geralt deals with ghosts and wraiths frequently throughout the game, the house will continue to have a chilling effect. Players will later discover the source of their unease being a Godling named Sarah. They can let her stay in exchange for waking Corrine or evicting her.

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Abandoned Village of White Orchard

The Abandoned Village in White Orchard is located as soon as players land their first game contract titled “Devil By The Well.” Geralt learns that a midday ghost has been haunting the area that he must guard. When he arrives at the place and explores, he discovers that the village was killed by the local lord in revenge.

The people of the settlement moved to escape the tyranny of the lord, but ended up losing their lives in the process. The noon specter now haunts the place preventing others from settling in.

Ruins of the Trastamara estate

Players can find the ruins of the Trastamara estate in Toussaint if they have the Blood and wine DLC installed. For being located in a land that is bright and colorful, the estate is unusually severe. Players will find a curse etched into the front wall of the house and many spoons inside the building. The building will be occupied by Spotted Wight, the victim of the curse, who used to be the daughter of a wealthy lord who denied food to a beggar at a feast against local customs.

She was then cursed and transformed into a tainted wight. Players will realize that the wight is trying to lift the curse in which they can help. As players investigate the curse and wight, the Gaunter O’Dimm theme will play in the background, indicating that the beggar may have been the Man of Glass in hiding.

Forest near Reardon Manor

Players will encounter Reardon Manor during a side quest in which an old woman asks Geralt to clean her family’s house of ghosts. When Geralt arrives, the grounds of the mansion appear to be normal, except that they are haunted by wraiths. This is also the place where players will meet Letho de Goleta, provided they forgive him during the end of The witcher 2. If Letho is alive, the Wraiths will disappear and players will find the area full of traps.

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However, if players venture southwest of the mansion grounds into the forest, they will see a sharp change in the surrounding area. The forest quickly turns dark and twisted and players will eventually encounter a Leshen. The minimum level requirement to take on a Leshen is 20, so players will be better off running away than fighting this monster. Between their teleportation, long-range attacks, and unconventional attack patterns, the Leshens are one of the most unique enemies of The witcher 3 and seeing one this early is sure to scare some players away.

Whoreson Junior Mansion

During the Novigrad section of the story, players will meet Whoreson Junior, one of the city’s crime bosses. They will learn that he is a depraved individual who has done vile things, but they never find out exactly what. Eventually, they will find his hiding place, a mansion in Oxenfurt, where they must break in and interrogate the man in question.

When they do, they will find many bodies belonging to prostitutes Whoreson Junior tortured and then murdered throughout the main building of the mansion. Even when Geralt enters the room, Whoreson Junior would have simply tortured and killed someone. This is one of the few spooky places in the game where magic isn’t involved and neither are monsters.

Uldaryk Old Family Home

Players will come across Uldaryk’s old family home during the “Possession” quest in the Skellige section of the game. At first it appears that the house is haunted by a standard ghost, but it quickly becomes apparent that this is not the case. Jarl Uladryk claims that the gods are telling him to torture and injure himself, even going so far as to gouge out an eye. But Geralt will soon learn that a nasty old demon named Hymn, who feeds on human guilt, is responsible.

Fortunately, players will have a few ways to deal with the creature during mission events, such as directly killing the Anthem or banishing it.

Crookback Swamp

Crookback Bog is found in the south of Velen, early in the game. It is the place where Geralt finds Bloody Baron’s wife taking care of a group of orphans. The swamp is surrounded by drowners, water witches, and harpies and gives off an overall spooky feeling.

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Players will also come across the Crones, who are extremely disgusting in appearance and can be annoying to some. It is unclear what exactly they are, other than the fact that they are very ancient and practice an ancient form of magic. Players will quickly learn that Crones are very evil creatures.

Raven perch

Players will find Crow’s Perch shortly after the start of the game. The area is ruled by the warlord known as The Bloody Baron and it is not until players start doing missions for the man that they learn the reason for the name. The baron is known to be an alcoholic and possessed of a fierce temperament. He is responsible for getting drunk and attacking his pregnant wife, resulting in a miscarriage.

Players will learn that both the baron and his wife were at fault during the past, ultimately resulting in the horrific incidents the family faced. Furthermore, the entire area will be terrorized by the Baron’s men who often harass the local population.

The Von Everec estate

The Von Everec estate is located during the Stone hearts DLC main quest line. When players arrive at the site, they will find a view of a ruined estate. They will also find a mysterious individual known as the caretaker who has neither eyes nor nose and will attack the players.

Players will then be drawn into a mysterious painted world where they will have to fight a host of creepy monsters, including some that look like Olgeird von Everec. They will also learn Olgeird’s backstory, his dealings with Gaunter, the reason behind it, and the tragic aftermath.

The witcher 3 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game is scheduled to be released in 2022 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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