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This is the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition reader

The new family of Kindle readers is made up of two models: Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. This generation combines improvements in the hardware, faster performance and a redesigned user interface for pleasant reading. Starting at around € 140, the Kindle Paperwhite comes with a larger screen, adjustable warm light, and greater autonomy; while Signature Edition adds a self-adjusting light sensor and is the first to offer wireless charging.

Main features

The Signature Edition integrates a 6.8 inch with smaller bezels, 300 dpi glare-free resolution and 10% more light at maximum brightness. Thanks to these characteristics, the display resembles real paper, making it easy to read in different conditions.

Regarding autonomy, it is possible to charge the device more quickly through the USB-C port, the battery offers up to ten weeks of duration and can be fully charged in two and a half hours. One of the important news is that it offers wireless charging with any Qi-compatible charger.

In addition to adjusting the display light, it allows you to use the dark mode for reading during the day or at night. It incorporates a sensor that automatically regulates the brightness to adapt to the ambient light. This latest generation of electronic ink displays offers better response and makes it easy to turn pages 20% faster.

It is IPx8 rated, and is designed to withstand accidental drops. It is waterproof.

It provides 32 GB of storage, enough space for thousands of titles and more spaces for audiobooks, comics, newspapers and magazines.


Show the cover of the book being read on the lock screen. To activate this function you have to go to configuration, device options and select Activated on show cover.

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On the other hand, Whispersync and Whispersync for voice, saves and synchronizes the last page read, the bookmarks and the notes of the books in all the devices in use and Kindle applications, to continue reading where it left off and on any device. To activate this function you have to go to settings, advanced options and select Whispersync for books.

Word Wise provides definitions that appear automatically over difficult words in many popular English titles, so children or those learning a new language can keep reading with less interruption.

Added values

Slim-edge design with a 300 dpi display that reads like printed paper, with no glare, even in bright sunlight. It also incorporates adjustable warm light. Its previous version had built-in light, but it was white and not warm. With this change, the Kindle Paperwhite prevents blue light from disturbing sleep rhythms. You can program when you want the change from blue to amber to occur. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition also has a self-regulating front light that automatically adjusts the screen brightness to the ambient light.

A charge via USB-C or compatible Qi wireless charging pad lasts up to 10 weeks.

One of the highlights is a 6.8-inch screen, with a resolution of 300 dots per inch, and with a 10% higher brightness. In this way the appearance is similar to that of real paper.

It offers more speed than previous models, with new components that accelerate performance up to 20% more.

IPX8 certification allows it to be wet. The previous model was already designed to be used next to the pool or bathtub and resist splashes, but this one has IPX8 certification that ensures that it lasts up to 60 minutes at a depth of 2 meters, and in the case of salt water, up to 3 minutes at a depth of 0.25 meters.

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It is also characterized by a complete redesign of the interface, which is now simpler and better adapted to the size of the books.


Designed by Amazon, they adapt to the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, these are thin covers, which are firmly attached to the device and fold up for reading holding it with one hand. They automatically put the computer to sleep when they are closed and wake it up when they are opened, making it convenient to resume reading.

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The new Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is available for about 190 euros.

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