Monday, November 28

Take-Two believes franchises like GTA can be popular as long as James Bond

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, has been this week at an event called Jefferies Virtual Global Interactive Entertainment Conference in which he spoke about the world of videogames in general and his company’s projects in particular.

One of the most interesting statements from the Take-Two chief executive officer is related to the franchises of this company and, more specifically, with those of Rockstar, since one of the attendees of the event asked him about the longevity that their sagas could have through permanent changes in industry and technological advancements.

Zelnick was delighted to answer this question by assuring that if the franchise “it’s really cool to keep running. I just saw the new Bond movie, it was great. I wish all franchises were James Bond, although there are very few that can fall into this category and I think GTA is one of them, that Red Dead is another of them and NBA, obviously, is another because basketball games will continue to exist“.

In addition, Zelnick also talks about the risks of launching annual installments of non-sports titles, ensuring that you can “burn the IP even if it’s good so we take the time to do something we think will be incredibly cool and we also intentionally drop titles to make a project launch special“.

Red Dead Redemption 3 filtrado?

These statements from Zelnick come shortly before a Rockstar employee accidentally leaked on Linkedin that The development of Red Dead Redemption 3 will have already begun, being one of the great future projects for the American company after the supposed restart in 2020 of GTA VI.

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