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Sakurai enjoys her vacation and already bought an Xbox Series X | LevelUp

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Masahiro Sakurai said goodbye to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last month, and now he has been very active on social media, where he never misses the opportunity to show off everything he does in his spare time. A few hours ago he just surprised himself by buying an Xbox Series X.

The popular director ended the bonus content that the last game of Super Smash Bros. you will receive and you are already enjoying your vacations, where you take advantage of the time to carry out different activities.

This is how good Sakurai enjoys his free time

A few days ago he was shown riding a horse, and now he surprised all his followers by showing that he bought an Xbox Series X.

Here you can see it:

“A year after its launch, I finally bought it …!”, Is part of the message that Sakurai posted on Twitter, who seems to be taking his time to test all the gems that Microsoft’s console has to offer.

A curious point is that the same Xbox account responded to the tweet of the Japanese wishing him and his cat, Fukura (who also appears in the image next to the console) a lot of fun.

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There is no doubt that Masahiro Sakurai is a fan of video games on any platform, and he probably decided to buy the Xbox Series X to test the impressive Forza Horizon 5, and prepare for the launch of the expected Halo Infinite next December 8.

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